Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I need a haircut. Real fast.
I was thinking something fair trendy ha.
Yeh, that's right, I'll try be trendy once in my life.
My fringe is overgrown and my ends have been splitting as of 6 weeks after my last hair cut - December 2007.
I was flipping through about 7 'Frankie' magazines that I had nicked from Nat's room on Saturday morning (when I say nicked, I mean asked for).. There's no really interesting hair cuts. Just ones that don't involve fringes, which I currently am situated with. Then I came across an image of Tegan and Sara.
I fiddled with my fringe for a second.
Then realised I probably wouldn't get away with it.
Great, right?
So I'm stuck as to where to go from here.
I'm pretty sure I need about 1 inch cut off, so much for growing it enough so I don't have to fork out the $ for hair extensions, although being a worker at my hairdresser would more than likely leave me with some kind of a discount.

Ew, talking about fashionable things makes me think of this girl from school.

"I whinge a lot and sleep a little
Smoke too much and catch you in the middle"
- Screech, Maximize Your Return By

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