Thursday, July 17, 2008


THANKS for selling out
I never thought this would happen
Not after last year when I burst into tears every now and again knowing that I was barely ever going to see you. You guys are such a joke to me now. So much time wasted and barely a word.
Thanks for being shit friends.
I remember the days, weeks, months that I used to believe that you were my best friends because I was so lost.

Far out, I feel like I'm such a joke now after believing everything..

Leave me alone for some time.
And don't expect for me to come running back..
This is more than just music.

" How can you trust him to fit the shape of everything.
Everything looks so good , good from here , good to me.
Even if this hurts you even if it breaks me.
We wont let this friendship sink."
- You Me At Six, Noises

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