Friday, July 18, 2008

sending out

Today was funny.
I hate school, that's for sure, but the people there can be cool. Besides the teachers, of course, who complain about stupid things like Nat, Maddie, Elisha and I sitting on the floor of the classroom because there was no seats left. But even so, that's entertainment.

So right now I should be saying a marketing pitch about how these hippies should make a sign about their farm place in the city.. With their weed tea and tobacco plants and magic mushrooms.. They're not even real hippies though, they're not vegan haha.
But yeh, I got out of it, with glares of course, because I went to the main office and checked if I had to stay haha :)
Damn, I love being smart.

"Even though, I don't know you
I know for sure, I love you
Anything that you'll ever need
I'll try my best, to give everything"
- Blessthefall, A Message To The Unknown

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