Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's alright and it's nice not to be so alone
But I hold on to your secrets in white houses.

all over you

I am easily make believe,
just dress me up in what you want me to be.
I'll take back what I've been saying for quite some time now.

I gotta feel you in my bones again,
I'm all over you.
I'm not over you.
I wanna taste you one more time again,
I'm all over you.
I'm not over you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

has been

self conclusion.
over and out.
i'll drink this poison.
you won't see it coming.

Friday, August 15, 2008


so the ekka was pretty fun yesterday
I hung out with lani and torin for most of it which was nice because I hadn't seen lani in forever..
torin is sooo quiet though!!
lewis was there too with his family and he joined us later in the afternoon.
it was pretty good, we watched some school bands playing covers for nova and then we watched the fireworks :)
good times.

anyway, today my business assignment is due
and im meant to hand in my late homework for maths
im screwed big time..
great, ha.
so im meeting nat and elisha in the city (y)

but yeh I just got off the train with huong at indro and pretty much have to wait another 15 minutes for a train

life is interesting.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


8am. wake up.
i cant tell if im tired
if i am, i'll know by the time i get on the train.
im looking forward to seeing lani, thats for sure.

anyway, cant wait to see my secret krewww tomorrow at school
lololol. we're just sooo HXCcCCccCC :O
nat will get it lol

anyway, better get out of bed!
not sure if i have anything to wear
or enough $$

oh and i probably messed things up between kris and i..
its so hard to read him :(
i hope he comes and meets me in the city this morning before i go and meet up with lani and torin.

another cigarette and i'm so bored
your words are making sense
i was taken, but you were waiting
one more drink and i'm convinced

- control, metro station

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i dont know anymore!

i dont know what im meant to say
i dont know what im meant to do
i want things to be perfect
i dont want to hurt you

i seem to mess a lot of things up
and always seem to be the one that breaks their heart
it's stupid and makes me feel wreckless
i wish i could get things right
because then maybe i could mean something
something more than a fist fight and lost tears

stop the circulation to my legs and break my bones.
dateless and late, i'm better by myself at home.
past the point of trying, and i'm dying here.
secondary. he laughs at every word i know came out completely wrong.

- secondary, brand new

Saturday, August 9, 2008


so it's ekka time again,
which means it is my two year anniversary with my best friend, lanijane
it's amazing to have known her this long so far!
basically, two years ago, at the brisbane show
i was there with bree and i was texting lani
and we were saying omg, we're at the same place(!!!)
so we basically met up, she was with nick (her ex)
and we've been pretty much best friends since :)
so this year she's going with torin and i'm going with... no one really, ha
so i'm still trying to find someone to go with (offers? anyone?)
but lewis is going to be there with his folks so i'm going to see him at some stage (y)

this weekend hasn't been that wonderful
but this week contains:
Monday: VOX, Work
Tuesday: VOX, Haircut
Wednesday: Public Holiday, Dying Hair
Thursday: Student Free Day, EKKA with Lani
Friday: School, Visiting the Gym, Work
Saturday: Hairdressing *work*, Faker at the EKKA, Paisley's Housewarming
Sunday: Sleep (:
proof that this week will be busy but not bad.

Another cigarette, and I'm so bored
Your words aren't making sense
And I was taken, but you were waiting
Another drink and I'm convinced

- Control, Metro Station

Sunday, August 3, 2008

in search

i've decided that i'm in search of a new best friend
- wow, how paris hilton of me, ha -
basically i've decided that i have best friends for different things
i don't have a set one...
someone who will do anything with me
someone who will dance with me, sober or not
someone who will put corpse paint on for the heck of it
- see oloberrrs myspace (: -

anyway, i don't want to go on about that..
maybe i need a boy to do that with
cause boys are fun
- interested? lemme know and we'll have try outs ha! -

no idea who i went to this concert with
but last year sometime i saw a lovely little band titled 'short stack'
they were cool, cute and fun
well, i saw a video of theirs on MTV
and was like :O:O:O:O:O:O
so basically, they're all grown up (well, after a year? ha)
and this is them now

babesssssssssssssssss, hahaha (;

ohh.. the boy from ages ago is speaking to me again
but i won't go in to detail, just that he doesn't hate me lolol

" Go on, believe, if it turns you on.
Take what you need ‘til your body’s numb.
Prostitution is revolution.
You can hate me, after you pay me.
My submission is your addiction.
So just get out while you can."
- Cobra Starship