Saturday, August 9, 2008


so it's ekka time again,
which means it is my two year anniversary with my best friend, lanijane
it's amazing to have known her this long so far!
basically, two years ago, at the brisbane show
i was there with bree and i was texting lani
and we were saying omg, we're at the same place(!!!)
so we basically met up, she was with nick (her ex)
and we've been pretty much best friends since :)
so this year she's going with torin and i'm going with... no one really, ha
so i'm still trying to find someone to go with (offers? anyone?)
but lewis is going to be there with his folks so i'm going to see him at some stage (y)

this weekend hasn't been that wonderful
but this week contains:
Monday: VOX, Work
Tuesday: VOX, Haircut
Wednesday: Public Holiday, Dying Hair
Thursday: Student Free Day, EKKA with Lani
Friday: School, Visiting the Gym, Work
Saturday: Hairdressing *work*, Faker at the EKKA, Paisley's Housewarming
Sunday: Sleep (:
proof that this week will be busy but not bad.

Another cigarette, and I'm so bored
Your words aren't making sense
And I was taken, but you were waiting
Another drink and I'm convinced

- Control, Metro Station

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