Thursday, August 14, 2008


8am. wake up.
i cant tell if im tired
if i am, i'll know by the time i get on the train.
im looking forward to seeing lani, thats for sure.

anyway, cant wait to see my secret krewww tomorrow at school
lololol. we're just sooo HXCcCCccCC :O
nat will get it lol

anyway, better get out of bed!
not sure if i have anything to wear
or enough $$

oh and i probably messed things up between kris and i..
its so hard to read him :(
i hope he comes and meets me in the city this morning before i go and meet up with lani and torin.

another cigarette and i'm so bored
your words are making sense
i was taken, but you were waiting
one more drink and i'm convinced

- control, metro station

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