Sunday, August 3, 2008

in search

i've decided that i'm in search of a new best friend
- wow, how paris hilton of me, ha -
basically i've decided that i have best friends for different things
i don't have a set one...
someone who will do anything with me
someone who will dance with me, sober or not
someone who will put corpse paint on for the heck of it
- see oloberrrs myspace (: -

anyway, i don't want to go on about that..
maybe i need a boy to do that with
cause boys are fun
- interested? lemme know and we'll have try outs ha! -

no idea who i went to this concert with
but last year sometime i saw a lovely little band titled 'short stack'
they were cool, cute and fun
well, i saw a video of theirs on MTV
and was like :O:O:O:O:O:O
so basically, they're all grown up (well, after a year? ha)
and this is them now

babesssssssssssssssss, hahaha (;

ohh.. the boy from ages ago is speaking to me again
but i won't go in to detail, just that he doesn't hate me lolol

" Go on, believe, if it turns you on.
Take what you need ‘til your body’s numb.
Prostitution is revolution.
You can hate me, after you pay me.
My submission is your addiction.
So just get out while you can."
- Cobra Starship

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