Wednesday, September 24, 2008

10.45 amsterdam conversation

so i admit, i've totally neglected this blog for the past few days. i suppose i've felt my life not worthy enough of reading. this is definately partly true haha.
sunday was spent with natalie. we went to the hive and saw chloe turner, the sleepers and the mission in motion play.. one of the guys from the mission in motion sat on natalie.. i giggled a fair bit at that haha. plus he was a little cute and had a great sydney accent! (according to matt everyone sounds the same, but we all know that's not true hahah <3). anyway, after the hive we went through the city and found this really amazing abandoned warehouse :) we went around the back and had a look.. we made it inside but we couldn't get up the stairs because the only way to get to them was either through a locked door or walking across this dodgy plank of wood ><

after that we went around the back of skinny's music and found a really nice graffiti spot which kind of mirrored the twin tower/september 11 incident.

we then travelled across the bridge (bad idea, next time we are sooo taking the bus!) but thankfully the next location was really close to the cultural centre. it was pretty much a chalk board that any one can write on and a bunch of printed images of cassettes.

after that we had a slushy - mistake on having a large, it was soooo sweet! haha - and nat was totally going to go on one of those bungee jumper things at south bank and i was soooo rooting for her to go on it but she chickened out ;) (not really, but it sounds better than couldnt be bothered haha). so we parted ways after that because i was fair exhausted!! note about the photographs, the ones of natalie are taken by me and the ones of me are taken by natalie :) ohhh, and i'll upload more another time because the uploader is just taking forever!

monday we (elisha, nat, maddie and i - wow, way to add two people hayleigh - yeah i know) were meant to have a night out then eventually end up at nats place.. but mum noticed i was really exhausted still from sunday so she didn't let me out. waste of a day.
tuesday, another waste of a day. no joke.

and so we come to today. first off, a big happy 16th birthday to sophie :) can't wait to celebrate it with her next friday!! she's in melbourne at the moment (totally jealous) but judging by her blog [link!!] she seems to be really enjoying herself! ALSO a massive happy 18th birthday to my darling lani jane.. i cant believe she's 18 :O
so i slept in real good today. well, could have been better i suppose because i was still tired when i woke up.. but that would be because of the super amazing soundwave announcement at midnight!! super happy with the results.. anberlin, alkaline trio, say anything, new found glory, from first to last and i am the avalance to name a few! so i stayed up until 2am.. no idea why, just couldn't be bothered sleeping haha..
i then went to dfo with mother to buy some new clothes and hopefully something for elisha's birthday party! when we got there i ran into tim, kirsten and declan which was fair nice, a little awkward but it was good to see them.. later i also ran into sally which was sweet because i hardly ever see her! so anyway, in this random store i found a really sweet cotton dress that goes to my knees and got mum to purchase it for me :) can't wait to wear it!! i won't post any pictures of it because i want it to be a suprise. i haven't decided what shoes to wear with it though, i'm thinking just my boots because im not the best with heels and i know i'll want to be comfortable haha.
after that i really wanted to go out tonight because i wasnt in the best mood when i got home for some reason. so timothy and i made plans after he saw that i was wanting to hang out with someone (via my msn name haha). ok, first off, there's a fair bit of a story behind this boy, i'm not going to go into detail because it's not so necessary for everyone to know.. but yeah we met up at around 7.30pm and walked around the city the whole night haha, we didn't really do much else. i gave him some $$ for some cigarettes and to get into rosies tonight. he looked really good, i have definately missed hanging with him (even if he was in a bit of a grumpy mood tonight..). hopefully i'll be seeing him again before the week is out. his 21st birthday is next thursday :)

not much else is news, i'm hoping to be out of the house tomorrow night because i'm not so happy with what has been happening at home lately.. so i think i might be going over to bree's for a sleepover!

well, i think that's definately a catch-up and a half.
bonne nuit.

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SOPHIE ;D said...

naww (:
thank you very much for the birthday wishes

miss you! ^^