Saturday, September 20, 2008

Call me sentimental

"Looks like it's just you and me. Apparently my room's available."
Chuck Bass is a dreammmmmm.

Well, it's holidays. Haven't necessarily had the best start to them seeing as yesterday I went straight home after my French oral then had work 5pm till 9pm and work again this morning 9am till midday. Tonight will mark the beginning of it, hopefully. I still have not decided what to wear. Sharla suggested that I should still wear my TWLOHA shirt but seeing as it's XXL to wear tights and shorts underneath and pin the sleeves up. Then I think I'll just wear my heart glasses for part of the night. I really wish I could dress up for it but I've figured out that I have nothing to dress up with.

We now have a new fridge. It's amazing :) It's one of those double door ones. There's no ice crusher but I suppose I can deal with that haha. So in between waiting for the new fridge to work and from when I got home we had to figure out what to do with the food - take it all downstairs to the old fridge. Great, right? Well, I got the (un)lucky job of taking the crispers downstairs and you know what was on top of one of them? Crocodile. Yes, CROCODILE MEAT. What the fuck. Why must my father be so insensitive to bring that home from the butchers just because he got it for free because the guys at the butchers said he should try it. Argh, that made me so mad. I cried for like, 20 minutes then went and sat in Victoria's room to whine to her.

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