Wednesday, September 17, 2008


it's almost depressing that i have done a little amount of photography as of late. i never get out like i used to or i end up going somewhere unsuitable for my DSLR. i miss whipping it out and being like CLICKCLICKCLICK. it was a time of perfection and avoidance of the competition out there. sunday shall fill that gap when i take to the streets with nat and go photoshooting. also, we're going to see the mission in motion at the hive which will be fairly enjoyable as i have not seen the band perform live before! very excited about that.

well, the holidays are soon. as in, real soon. all that stands in my way is 300 words of my art analysis, an extended essay session, the printing of my theory of knowledge speech and a small french oral. i should also probably find my swipe card..

oh! and it's my uncles 60th birthday party on saturday night which i'm really looking forward to. the theme is love, but i haven't decided if i want to wear my skinnys and my twloha shirt or dress up fair nice. either way, it's going to be really nice. i love my uncles house at night, especially when there are many people there.

as you leave me please would you close the door.

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