Saturday, September 27, 2008


i don't know what's going on at the moment. i know no one wants to know this, but i puked this morning for no reason. it just happened. i haven't eaten that much for 30 hours(+), i mean, maybe that could be part of the cause, although this shouldn't matter because i've had water and haven't felt the need to stomach anything..

so what's been happening since thursday.. well thursday night bree and i went to the cinema to see 'wildchild'. i must say, the only other person i would have gotten away with seeing that movie with is elisha :P before the film, we decided to get some dinner at subway. my luck, they had no veggie patties. so i had salad on bread :/ lucky the bread they have there is good!

anyway, the movie wasn't too bad i suppose. such a tween movie though haha. we got home around 9.30pm and stayed up listening to music and watching blink 182 video clips. 11pm came and we were hungry.. so basically we checked the fridge, pantry, etc and found nothing edible. the idea of ordering pizza came about but the coupons bree had were expired so we called matt k and he agreed to drive out to collingwood park with the pizza (which we were going to order online - wooo!). seeing as i'm vegetarian we chose to make our own pizza which ended up being mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, oregano and black olives. bree felt like getting some fudge too so she ordered that (obviously, why else would i mention it).

matt rocked up around 11.40 and so we crept out of bree's house and sat on her driveway with matt eating pizza. turns out they put garlic on it which wasn't the most pleasant thing to have when you're a little tired, but we continued eating anyway. we talked about so much crap, so much that i don't even remember any of it haha. i know that when bree was away we talked about school and how annoying it is.. but yeah, one of the times when bree returned she picked up a piece of pizza and had it really close to her face, matt pounced up and flipped it into her face. classssicccc!!! it was like, ohey pizza face XD

matt couldn't find his keys. anywhere. not in his jeans, his hoodie, wallet... so we checked his ignition and sure enough they were in there. and the car was locked. bree had to sneak him in (luckily she has a spare room right next to hers!). she wrote a letter for her mother (who by this time had already had noticed that we were eating pizza on the driveway haha) and stuck it to her doorhandle so she'd have to find it.

but that didn't end the havoc. bree and matt spent a number of hours looking up hxc videos haha, such as 2girls1cup, 2girls1finger, goatse, meatspin, pain olympics etc (google them if you must haha..) whilst i read trashy magazines found under bree's bed and texting brenden. basically we eventually turned the lights off at 4am-ish.. only for matt to knock on the door and come in to bree's room at 8am to say goodbye haha. no excuse to get out of bed (although bree went outside to say hi/bye to isaac and say bye to matt). we didn't get out of bed until about 10.30am :) then proceeded to play wii - mario party 8, cooking mama (this game is sooo crazy!!) and guitar hero III :) bree basically wooped my arse at all of these games but oh well!

mum eventually came to pick me up at 1pm-ish and drove me home where i slept, finished tidying my room and then got ready to work by 4.30pm for a 5pm start. work went really quickly! i put my cobra starship cd into the cd player so we had good music ;) bob was pretty grossed out that i had stretched my ears up a size and then i proceeded to tell him how bad they're going to smell if i stretch them any more (yeah, my 4mm is already starting to smell lulzzz).

so on the way home i was notified that my sisters friend aussia was going to be over. i was shocked, seriously. victoria has had tonsilitus so why the fuck would you want to see her for if she's sick. anyway, she supposedly left at like 10.30pm but i think victoria snuck her into her room last night to sleep, which i think is fucking crazy for victoria because she's supposedly 'little miss innocent'.. the way i could tell is that all of the lights were off and yet i could still hear someone at the back veranda and the door opening/closing. plus when i woke up at 9.30am i could hear both of them. so if mum doesn't know i'm going to tell because i feel like being a bitch at the moment haha..

uhm, basically i feel like i need a d&m and i haven't had anyone to do that with lately because holidays have drifted me from elisha, nat and maddie and bree wasn't exactly in the right mindset last night.. and i can't exactly do it at elisha's party because i don't want to take someone away from the fun of it all. topic: boys.

i don't know what i'm supposed to be doing this weekend. i kept it free just in case i would have work this morning or a gig tonight.. but neither have come up. so i'm thinking i'll ask if timothy wants to see me (although lately - well, since wednesday night - he has been acting weird).

agenda for this week, however is pretty eventful
monday: elisha's birthday party - sleepover :)
tuesday: leaving elisha's
wednesday: meeting at work 5 - 9
thursday: work 5 - 9 (although i have an appointment at 4pm so i think i might be starting at 6 instead)
friday: work 9 - 2, SHORT STACK (L), sophie's birthday party - sleepover :)
saturday: leaving sophie's, coolangatta

let's not go back to school? thanks.

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