Tuesday, September 30, 2008


i don't like having friends.

i hope that doesn't offend anyone.
i'm sure it will.
but if you knew how it felt you'd probably agree.

see, i had these two best friends one time - we would do everything together. one day, one of them stopped talking to me for no reason. nope, none at all. she won't contact me and thus i will not contact her as it is unnecessary for me to grovel, as such. this other girl continued to keep in contact with me. so much that we planned to go to a certain place on a certain day.. only for me to find out that this plan had changed and the re-arrangement saw me not invited. no, i wasn't uninvited, i was pretty much forgotten. that's how much of a great friend she is. a text message is recieved from a similar friend and it turns out that she is with this other friend. no problem there at all, however me not being there, in that certain place has made me feel totally left out and wondering whether i should give up on friendship.
the end.

oh but for those of you at elisha's party last night, thanks i had a great time. i hate the fact that i was too attached to my hiptop though.

and i'm really confused about how to have my party, or whether to slash it altogether. i'd be really disappointed to slash it but if people are still going to be shit then i don't want to have a lame party, it would be better to have none at all.
fuck i wish i was home-schooled.

ugh, i'm supposedly meant to find this super old hair straightener that i usually take on camps and such.. it's not in my room anywhere so mum was bitching to my sister about me right outside my fucking door, yeah THANKS. apparently if i dont find it my sister is allowed to take my good one to the coast with her tomorrow.. uh yeah cause she's going to use it and all, i mean the other morning she woke me up so she could get me to straighten her hair before her friend came over. plus she'll be at a hotel two minutes from the beach so she'll be there, especially seeing as she's with my cousins and family. so she wont be needing it! it's called EMBRACE THE SEAAAA!

what else can i whine about. oh, i know, everyone loves whining about boys!! well, at least i do. i'm over falling for them. that's about all i can think of.. im not turning lesbian ffs.

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