Saturday, September 13, 2008


i haven't had tea from the tea bar in so long. pawan reminded me how good it was (he was mentioning that he was going there tomorrow). and he made me realise how much i miss skateboarding.

last night was pretty fun. i spent the night with bree and tom at the 'nights outside' event at qpac, south brisbane. tenille, emma and two of their friends were there too, so we walked around for a bit by the river with them before (we were hoping repeat offender) the frets played. they were fair good :) like a mix of the kooks and the fratellis! anyway, they finished at 10pm - that was the time repeat offender were meant to start playing.. so we waited until about 25 past but decided to leave so that we could make the 10.27 333 bus and get home around 11pm.

it was so good to see bree again and hang out with her properly! haven't done that for a very long time.. pretty sure we're going to go to the beach together on wednesday and hopefully huong will come also!

oh mannn, say anything are such an amazing band :) favourite bands at the moment would definately be say anything, bright eyes and delamare.
best lyrics hahahaha: I called her on the phone and she touched herself. She touched herself. She touched herself. I called her on the phone and she touched herself. I laughed myself to sleep.

ugh, so the family isn't vegetarian (as in, the WHOLE family, not just mum dad and vicky..) and we're going to a park for bree's birthday.. so i'm assuming it will be a barbeque. with meat. and no veg stuff... mum's probably too ashamed to bring some veg sausages for me because then all the family will question her and be like :O not eating meat? blasphemy! lol, meat eaters suck!

off to eat dirt. bye.

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