Tuesday, September 16, 2008

frankly my dear, i dont give a damn

so last night, i was sleeping (wow, no, really?) and suddenly my phone vibrated (11.30pm) on my bedside table. it was brenden. what a wakeup haha. so pretty much we had a 30 minute conversation (telephone, yes). which was pretty fun, it's great talking to him. silly adelaide has daylight savings though - actually it should be silly brisbane for not having daylight savings but we'll leave that out ;) - so he thought he called me at 11pm ><

this morning i woke up just before 9am. i seem to have a habit of waking up a little earlier than intended. my alarm clock has been out of it's job lately! so i got ready. i had no idea what to wear. i felt like being girly, but nothing shocking. so i settled on a pink boobtube with a white short sleeved jacket and skinnys. i didn't leave home until 11am - not that that wasn't the original time planned, just saying. fast forward boring train ride and lame bus ride. and then i was at chermside with lewis :) not going to go overly into detail for all of you jealous kids (haha), but we had a nice sumosalad lunch then decided to go see hellboy at the movies. it was a really nice day!

then i was called into work just after. but that was fun. i was in a really good mood and so was stacey and sharla. sharla took me shopping at woolworths haha, which was entertaining.

however between chermside and work i had to put up with many annoying people. on the bus i had three different people sit next to me. the third person was the worst. he was this annoying foreign person who had friends sitting in the other seats and he kept on trying to get closer, it was like FUCK OFF >< ! and even when there were spare seats he didn't move. so i got off a stop early and walked because i couldn't put up with him. so on the train there were some really annoying high school kids. ugh, i hate highschool kids. pretty hypocritical, but when you join the academy you realise how annoying and immature they are.

and now i'm home, really wanting to sleep. but i can't manage to get myself to calm down. ugh, dinner was lame too haha. it was stirfry but mum bought me tofu the other day (saturday) and i tried it alone and it tasted like rubber, so she figured it would taste ok in a stirfry with vegetables and hokien noodles. wrong. but really, it's not like i'm hyper or anything, i just really don't feel like sleeping. my head feels really heavy. like, stressed heavy. and yet i have no need to be stressed. not happy about this..

can't wait until the holidays. i'm particularly looking forward to doing photoshoots with natalie.. i'm so in the mood for a session!!

clarity, please speak to me.

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