Thursday, September 25, 2008

Say Anything

When I like you, it's total revenge. I want to, but I can pretend, that I don't need to be by your side again. Wrap me up, in a plastic case, pat me down, with your warm embrace, I wanna know where you lay your face at night, for all these years. You're a problem, that I can't abide, I could sleep well, if only I tried, but I stay up and dream as a bride to be, oh me, oh my. Give it up, I can't wait no more. I am stuck on your bedroom floor. With the thought, that I may not be, as great as those who came before. There's a man assigned to me, and he checks on my stability. We discuss you every week. Then I rinse and rinse, repeat. But maybe, I can show you, Baby, Maybe, I can relax for good, Whoa baby, I can show you, Maybe, Baby.

There's a man assigned to me, and he checks on my stability, we discuss you every week, then I rinse and rinse, repeat. And he charges by the tear, til I weep no more strictly out of fear, that I can't afford your love, and the moon just burns above.

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