Monday, September 15, 2008


it feels as though it hasn't rained in a very long time. i hope it rains in the holidays.. just so i can have an excuse of 'it's raining, we can't hang', then i can sleep in and watch movies with shadow.. and i think if this happens i will definately unfold the couch-bed and maybe fall asleep at some stage.

well, the holidays are really quite 'on my doorstep'. the only assessment i have leftt is a french oral and then i also need to hand in my theory of knowledge adjudication speech. tomorrow on the train i think i will make a holiday list/diary. there's so many things that i want to get done and so many people i want to make time for that planning is probably the best thing to do even though i've never really done well at such a thing. i found my 'pocket' diary today. it's as bad as one of those gameboy pockets from the early 1990's (yes kids, there were consoles before wii's and psp's). so for those without the knowledge, it will not fit into a person's pocket unless they were wearing those big goth pants or big pocketed cargo pants. as if a mass diary is going to fit into the pocket of a pair of skinnys? the only thing that goes in my pocket is my sidekick when necessary.

one big plan for the holidays is spending mothers money. i need new clothes. real fast. no joke. i realised on friday night that i have nothing overly fashionable other than skinny jeans and two front-buttoned skirts. i wish i was more handy with a sewing machine.. mother has a large number of patterns which i could so make if i had of taken home economics (oh wait, that's not a subject at my school!). either way, she's decided that she feels sorry for me and that she will take me shopping. also, she's going to help me alter most of my band shirts so that they're not so ordinary.

gossip girl won't download fast enough :(

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