Monday, October 20, 2008

I Won't See You Tonight

Friday the 17th of October.
So it was a bit of a drag having to go to school in the morning, however mum let me leave at 11 rather than 11.10 so I could slip away without any one stopping me haha, and so I met Bree at Roma St Station around 11.20 where this guy that I've met before called Brandon was there.. I can't remember where we've met before but we re-introduced ourselves and then he introduced me to his brother (I think? I don't care really, he was hot though!!) and his girlfriend. Anyway, we reached Oxley eventually and it took us an hour or an hour and a half to finally get ready and caught a train to Roma St and changed trains to the Shorncliffe train. So basically we decided that rather than going to line up straight away we'd go check out the back to see if anything exciting was happening, turns out Tenille and Melissa were there so we stood with them for a bit until they figured they'd been away from the line where their friend was waiting for longer than what they had planned.
About 30 minutes passed with a number of decoy cars/vans without bands in them when all of a sudden one comes down the driveway, Bree decides that she doesn't believe it will be them and I keep my hopes up. Suddenly, as the van comes into view, here's Seb and Jeff waving at us with big smiles :D David was too jetlag, facing forward with his aviators on. Squeals and a call to Tenille happens and we start to get more excited than previous.
So there were three/four girls that had been waiting there since like, 9am, for Short Stack and so when they drove in they went crazy haha.. one of them, Shakira, climbed a tree so she could wave to them again when they got out of the van and so they came back out a few minutes after taking their stuff inside. I had no idea what to do when they came out haha, cause they went over the fanatics XD
After a minute of Bradie and I kind of glancing at each other, I walked over, slid my arm around his waist and gave him a cuddle HAHAA. Uhhh, ok that was sooo lame of me haha.. So anyway he knew who I was and we stepped out of the group and talked about stuff :)
Ok I have no idea what to write.. cause it was all amazing.
Bree and I hung around until about midnight and climbed in a tree to wave to simple plan. We tried waving at TGP but they're shit with fans so they looked at us and turned their heads. Yeh that get no kudos now.

Bree slept over mine.
Escape The Fate cd came into JB HIFI, couldn't pick it up at the time :O

Then during Saturday; mum, A Georgie, U William and myself went to my academy to watch You're The Voice. It was pretty good. Pretty high-schoolish but it was fun. Then I got to take the family around the academy using Mackey's swipe card - which I almost dropped down the elevator shaft by total accident D:

Went home.

more to come!

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