Friday, October 10, 2008

One kiss before angels fall.

I feel ill. At work this evening we ordered pizza. Specifically Margerita (vegetarian) and Supreme. They gave us a Supreme and a Super Supreme. I figured, yeah ok, I can deal with this. So I did. I picked all of the pepperoni and bacon off until basically it was cheese, capsicum and olives.. soon my mouth tasted like blood. This is what would happen back in my meat-eating days if I ate pepperoni or bacon. So I stopped eating. And this I feel ill because now I don't want to eat for a while so that I can just get rid of this awful feeling :(

School was boring.

Father woke me up at 6.20am this morning. I specifically said to everyone in my household not to wake me up until at least 7am. Wasn't happy. But it turns out my sister was in hospital because she had an allergic reaction to tomato which has been building up over the past few weeks. I didn't believe my father at first but why else would he wake me up at 6.20am. He needed me to get ready so that he could make sure I got out of the house (if he didn't.. there would have been no me at school today haha). So for the kids that noticed that I was a tad more distant than usual, that's probably why. Plus I was a little bummed that I wasn't going to the dance with everyone :(

Tomorrow night some people are going to Wagamama in The Valley for Maddie's birthday. Shall be pretty enjoyable because we haven't celebrated her 16th yet! I'm not sure what to wear, I'm thinking a nice top with my new-er pair of skinnys, maybe some boots but I don't want to look like a hooker or be too tall. Infact, speaking of height, I am "officially" 173cm. I say "officially" because we had to be measured in math class today for some data collection for an example. Apparently that's like, 7cm off from being 6ft which is pretty scary for some reason haha.

Matt isn't online. And he isn't replying to my texts D: I hope he's alright..

One week and I'll be in the mosh again :)

Hold me close and I'll turn off the lights.

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