Thursday, October 9, 2008

Princess, why you so contageous?

this week has gone by relatively quickly. seven weeks to go until it's over for eight weeks. it's a bit of a worry that it's such a short term in that my year level is supposed to make a lot of big decisions. i'm stuck on what i want to do after school..
i'd love to do an internship at alernative press. dream job much!

well, it's eight sleeps until i see short stack, the getaway plan and simple plan. i've seen each of the bands before (once each for short stack and simple plan and three times for the getaway plan) but it should be amazing to see them play together. i don't know what time to line up.. mother says i can't have the day off but we'll see about that haha. bree's planning on having the day off and being there early so i might see if she's willing to be there by herself for a while until say midday.. i'll have to organise it!

saturday i'm hopefully going shopping for a new shirt to wear at the concert and in the evening the group is going to wagamama's in the valley for dinner to celebrate a belated birthday for maddie. sunday i might go to the coast with the parents to see my family from adelaide before they go back seeing as i didn't get to really spend that much time with them last time.

birthday soon. three weeks on monday. i really want an ipod.. one of the new ones. i'm thinking yellow or red because they look fair nice. i don't think i'll be getting one though because i still owe mother for my $1600 camera.. only have half to pay off though haha.

it seemed like such an easy plan.

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