Sunday, October 26, 2008


7 days, 20 hours until my birthday.

I feel old already.
I wish I was turning 17 though.

So I bought my outfit for my party yesterday.
Vinyl-look pants/tights.
Zebra print singlet *it's long*.
And that's about it haha.
I think I'm going to wear my boots with it.
My big pirate/hooker ones :3

I was practicing make-up for it too.
Here's the results:

Plus I was being a bit of a scene-y aha ;3


November is seriously going to be the best month ever.
1 - Birthday Party
1 - SS Competition Winner Announced *fingers crossed*
2 - Jake Wood at The Hive
2 - Screech and False Start at The Valley Studios
3 - My Birthday :3
4 - Dad's Birthday
14 - Delamare, Hey Carlisle at The Princess
21 - Stealing O'Neal at The Hive
21 - (maybe) Halifax at The Arena
23 - Semi Formal
23 - Amber's 18th!
28 - End of Term
28 - Amber Calling at The Hive :3
29 - Amber Calling at The Brave :3

Pretty excited, minus the fact we also have exams in November!


I wish I was 18 so I could have seen The Mission in Motion last night!

I think that's enough.
You've got everything you need.

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