Sunday, November 16, 2008

I Needed You To Stay

My mood has dropped in the past two hours.
Really not liking this feeling.
I think it's partly the idea of having to say goodbye.
I know that I'll be in Adelaide in a little over a years time..
But it's so depressing to not be able to go there whenever.
I don't go anywhere other than the coast if my family takes me on 'holidays'.
It might be greedy or whatever, but I want to go to Adelaide these holidays.
I want to go somewhere.
I mean, I've never been to Sydney or Melbourne..
But I have family in Adelaide ffs!
Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh =_="
Plus there's stress about school and the shitty semi formal.
I don't want to go anymore, same as the post.
But I know I'll end up going..
I just feel as though the semi is going to be heaps lame because it's going to end up being a competition on who bought the most amazing dress and who looks the fucking best and the post is just going to be 'let's get drunk and look stupid'.
I'm over people getting drunk.
It's not cool to be underage and drinking..
but somehow we all end up doing it?
Fuck and I know that's going to offend some people,
But seriously, it's my blog-my opinion.

Oh and the smell of meat makes me gag..

On a "bright" note..
11 days until school is over for the year.
11 days until I get to see my favourite Adelaide people.

Let's leave this town and run forever.

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