Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Sharpest Lives

Thus far, since Friday afternoon there have been a number of disappointments and a number of highlights. Let's begin with Friday.

So I got home around 430, which was as expected.. had to get ready by 530 to meet Huong in the city by 6 (she'd sent me a text earlier telling me that I had to meet her at 530 but we compromised with the fact that I still had school and decided 6 was arrangable).. so I couldn't decide if what I was wearing was alright but went with it anyway - black Amber Calling tshirt (I was also doing promo for their show next weekend at The Hive/Brave), black waistcoat, light denim button skirt, stockings and black pumps. Rushed to the train after trying hard to look good, but deciding that at least my face and hair looked nice (aahhhhahaha ;)).. Made it to the station on time thankfully, listened to a mix of Say Anything, The Getaway Plan and Stealing O'Neal on the way to Central.

Ok, so disappointment number 1: just as the train departed Roma Street Station, Huong calls. At the point I was thinking crap she's going to be wondering where I am even though I'm two minutes away. No. She tells me she can't make it. Why? Because some chicks in the young grades at her school decided to steal her bag when she was in the year 12 graduation ceremony. Yeah, ok that's a worry, but honestly she's lived without a phone before and used her mums. Pretty cut about that and she was going on about how she was pissed off and sorry. But by now I didn't care because she could have called me at least half an hour before because I would have gladly stayed home for another 30 minutes so that I didn't have 30 minutes to kill in the city. Out of disappointment mode. Anyway, so I was in the city to see Minus Penny, Goodnight Nurse and Stealing O'Neal play an acoustic set each at The Hive (Elizabeth Street, Brisbane CBD).. I was speaking to Tenille earlier in the week and so decided to contact her and -skip me walking around Myer feeling out-of-my-league- met up with her, Emma and Melissa. Got to The Hive, had our bags checked by the manager and gave him an Amber Calling demo disc and proceded through. After paying and getting stamped, Matt K and Brenton (I think that's his name haha? The bassist from Rowan's band, Magic Room..) came up to me and we had a little chat about how I wasn't at SKSK and Halifax and then Tenille, Emma and I went to get a drink from the dining court underneath The Hilton and the had a bit of dinner.

Disappointment 2: So we were on our way back and I received a text from Lewis with merely "Hive?".. long story short he wasn't going to be there and wanted me to go back to his after. Tough chance, not with my mother already worried that I wasn't going to have any one with me on the way back home on the train. Sucked that he wasn't there because I saw him last Friday except he was un-approachable due to his girlfriend being there and the whole her telling me to get my own boyfriend previously (LOL! see a previous post from the beginning of November sometime if you feel like going into detail).. but yeah :/

Once we got back in Minus Penny's set had already started (only a couple of minutes of MP time was lost though, not to worry!). They're real good acoustic :) The lead singer looked very similar to Alex from All Time Low (babe much?).. turns out his name is actually Alex too! So that was all good, and then Goodnight Nurse played.. last time I saw them was a few months ago at The Red Room in St Lucia with The Getaway Plan. They were alright acoustic but the lead singer's voice is better suited for live shows..

Between Goodnight Nurse's set and Stealing O'Neal's, the manager went on stage to do the usual 'answer this question and get a free cd/poster/tshirt' and it was to promote the show next week featuring Amber Calling and he was like 'there's a girl who's giving free cds...' *hand goes up with 30 cds in it* and he's like 'don't answer these questions cause you'll get them too easily' and I was like ahahaha, k.. they were heaps easy, like where are AC from, where are Click on Colour from and what were Hey Carlisle previously known as.. 'nuff said.

Stealing O'Neal. Is there anything I can say about them other than they just get better and better? Seriously, I know a lot of people who read this would not have seen them or perhaps haven't even heard of them and that's a real shame. They'll be releasing an album some time next year and I couldn't be more thrilled to know that they'll finally (hopefully) get some recognition for being a fine bunch of talent!

The show was over by 9pm so it was quite an early night. I hung around for a bit, congratulating the stars of the night and handing out all of the AC demos (sorry guys, all out!) and introducing myself to Alex (that's when I found out his name) from Minus Penny and eventually leaving with concern from Tenille and heading off to Central Station with a number of free Stealing O'Neal stickers, fliers, newspapers and a quite superb Starving Kids Records sampler disc.

A very good night minus the disappointments but I can't say that there would have been as much fun had if it had gone any other way. Thank you to the people who were there and I really hope that everyone is at next Friday's show (and Saturday's show at The Brave!).

Got home, watched The Breakfast Club in the loungeroom with mum and eventually fell asleep only to wake up to the title screen and so I went to bed to be woken up at 9am by mum so we could make it to The Valley Markets at a decent time.
Ok, so I love the markets on Saturdays. Went to NVY (aka The Veronica's fathers shop :)) and bought a really cute white dress with black polka dots on it for $10 and a pair of super cute boots/heals for $40 (went halves with mum!). Had a mango fruit chiller from Gloria Jeans and half a spinach and feta roll with mum. Bought a cute bow, zebra broach, stickers and a present for Caitlin for her birthday on Monday (sorry babe, might be a little later than I was hoping hehe)... I also bought a pair of raybans that have see-through glass! Finally :D!! Had a really nice time with mum, we hardly ever get the time to go out together! Went to Toowong after to see if there were any cute rings for the semi but found nothing..

So now I'm writing this and knowing that I really have to get on with writing my film assignment that was due last Friday (thankfully there was a loophole for me to be able to submit it via email this weekend) and I need to write my Defile De Mode for French and do some study for Math! Oh and would be advised to write a statement for art too..

Semi tomorrow. Not sure how it will go but Matt K gave me the advice to take it easy and just think that I'm going to have a good time. Not sure how much my hair/makeup is going to cost from Stacey but hopefully nothing too expensive hehe..

That's me for now.

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