Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shed This Clothing

Turns out that my new polka-dot dress fits my sister. Which is like D: to me.. Mum and I thought it would be kind of cool to see what it looks like on her seeing as she's lost quite a bit of weight and turns out it fits her and looks really sweet and seeing as it's so hard to find stuff for her mum's like 'she can wear it too'. And while I don't mind this I'm freaking out because it was too big for me and if she continues to wear it, this means I can't get mum to take it in which means I'm forever going to have to pull it up. Fuck, I hate being upset about stupid things.. I just hope that Mr. Origliasso has a 10 or 8 at his store because that was a 12 and I know there was a smaller size but mum reckons it was an 8 but if my sister is a 14/16 then surely an 8 would fit me if that's all he has.. This sucks so much, I want to wear it next Friday or Saturday with my new shoes.


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