Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Doesn't Hurt

So I should be waking up super happy.. I don't know why I wasn't. And still am not.

Yesterday: was nice. Went to school for like 5 minutes to pick up Maddie, Nat and my art journals (which made my bag heavy as >.>) and then went to Woolworths to see Damien for a few minutes where I got invited to his works Christmas party on the 13th of December. Went to the city with instruction from Dave to meet in Queen St. Finally found the guys who were complaining about how hot and humid it was.. it was like ahhh guys, there's no point in complaining *raises eyebrow*. So yeh, wow, Amber Calling (minus Alex), in Brisbane... still not really believing the fact that they are here because they're never here and they played at The Hive which I was at last week so it was kind of a normal night for me except for the fact that I was sitting in the middle of the room with Bren watching them play acoustically.
Ok, so it will be heaps boring for you to read a detailed blog about what I did so I'll just do 'keywords' and hopefully you can get the picture.
Walking. Slushies. Where's the aircon! Bren: I don't do stairs. Smoking. HSC. STD - Sauced Till Death. Invite to STD. Tattoo's. AC stands for analcunt Amber Calling. Tom's first tattoo. Tom: pale faced. Food. Sushi. Ryan tagging anything with STD. Tattoo cream from chemist. Paying out Mike. Ryan's glasses break. Me: They look like mine! Ryan tries to steal my glasses. Nope. Bren tries them. $43 for parking. Bren has to pay. Minus leg room. Next to Mike. Mike: I bet your mum loves you driving around with guys. Dave driving. Sexual jokes. Ryan: Oh we could totally do a bang gang type of thing with Rain. 5 guys, one girl. Or not haha. Illegal Parking on side of the road near airport. Stretching legs. Mike, Ryan and Dave attempting sleep. Huge mosquitos. Tom gets bitten by ant. 3pm, airport for Rob. Waiting. Kicking gatorade bottle. Dave snoring. Cheery Rob. Shit GPS. Attempting to get to Cambell's house. City instead. Myer parking. Ryan reversed cause he's good at it. Complaints from Bren. Settling in at The Hive. Bags down. Numerous smoke breaks. Dinner. I think I saw Timothy? Too shy to say hello. Hot water. Walking back. Tired. Hanging around. Hey Carlisle. Acoustic. Smiles from Davo. AC set up. Tegan says hi. Bren and I, middle of the room. Wow. Wow :). Mike, Dave, Tom and Ryan play. Great. Laughing with Bren. Photo's without flash. Disposable camera winding. Recording. Royal stuff up by Dave. Wouldn't mind staying here for a while. Moving to talk to Tegan. Complaining about school. Talking to Emma and Tenille. Phil joins in. Sitting with Dave. Tired. Secrets about the band. Click on Colour. Sweet music. Emma: Dave, you're taking this girl home. No train for me. Beer/food in the city. Van time. Everyone: BRENEHHH. Ryan: Rain, you must look like a slut to any outsider being in a van of 6 older guys. Me: stares at Ryan.. fo shiz. Obvious Humor. No man, that's Macca.. Being quiet. Boy band songs. Human Nature cover band? Round the corner from mine: Oh, right at the lights Rob! Mike mimics. Ha, shut up! Home. Ryan: Can I take a piss? Me: Just like last time XD Inside. Happy. Relief. Tired. Miami Ink. Bed.

Yeah I tried :)

So today I'm not sure what I'm going to get up to.. The guys play at The Brave tonight but I'm thinking of maybe going to see them beforehand so I can get some time with Alex as he arrived at like 8am this morning. I hope others will be at The Brave.. it will be a great night!

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