Thursday, November 6, 2008

Warm Me Up

Of all days, Gabe died today. For those that don't know, Gabe was my wonderful goldfish named after Gabe Saporta from Cobra Starship. So basically he was super cool and never boring and looked ever so good sitting in a pretty bowl on my bookcase next to my books.. Long story short, I came home this afternoon to a horrible stench and a floating fish D:

My day wasn't that wonderful. Spent "Pathways" listening to The Audition and going through the Soundwave forum (found out that Jacks Mannequin, Forever The Sickest Kids and Underoath have been added to the lineup). Whilst waiting for the pages to load I was studying and making more notes for my Business/Management exam which happened to be next. It went alright, easier than I thought.. I just took my time writing it so I had 1/4 of a question to go when we had to hand in our papers. Break. Saw Elisha - I hope she's alright at the moment, she was awfully nervous when we were talking. Then it was English. Usual. Break time. Nat left around 1.25 to spend the rest of the day with her boy so I went to the library, did some printing (film task sheets, art images and fliers for amber calling/click on colour), then went to the art room for some quiet work. Film. Only girl in the class. Gav was the teacher - so we did nothing.. well actually I worked on my art the whole time. Finally 3.30 came.

I had no one at school so it was weird to be alone when walking to the busway. Caught a packed yet lonely bus to the city (I wasn't in the mood to catch the train just yet). Purchased The Audition's latest album titled 'Champion'. It's wonderful, favourite track is definately Warm Me Up. After that I checked out a shop called 'Piercing Planet' which is a lovely little silver jewellery store with stretchers and other neat jewellery pieces at the very back. The main reason I went there was to check out the prices for Saturday's piercing expedition that I am going to be sharing with my sister. Basically, for those whom don't know, I'm getting my nose pierced. Maybe getting a second hole in my ears. Turns out ears are priced from $14.95 and I was quoted $39.95 for my nose (which my sister will be paying for as that is my birthday present from her). After that I did a whole lot of walking around doing not a lot and then purchased a clear ipod case and numbing cream (which is this tiny little tube that cost $14.50!!). Finally got a little over being alone and decided to take the train home only to find Gabe floating in his bowl.

Cried for a bit only because I was freaked out. He hadn't been eating since yesterday morning so it was pretty anorexic of him.. I couldn't deal with it so I left his bowl and him on the benchtop in the kitchen. Mum finally came home. Cheered me up by having my semi-formal dress in her hand thanks very much to Cas! Her designs are so amazing. I can't wait to wear it, I just need to find shoes (I'm thinking cowboy boots or gladiator shoes - nothing heeled if possible) and a clutch of some sort.
Sneak peak:

Note: The dress appears orange in the photographs but really it's fire-engine red! And yes, they are skulls :3

So that was my day.
I love being sixteen.

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