Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highlights of 2008

Ok so I know it's a common thing to list a few things that happened in 2008, and I thought I'd list some too! There is no order... just pulling things from my head :3

- numerous nights at nats ;)
- kissing someone every month (was a weird new years resolution ahah)
- first time kissing a girl (that happened more than once)
- first cigarette
- partys at mine w/ huong and amber
- making real friends at school
- turning sixteen
- lining up at midnight for escape the fate
- bradie cuddles
- glamourkills birthday party
- ticket to adelaide for christmas
- twilight in general
- going through a number of celebrity crushes
- soundwave!!!!
- becoming more patient
- not failing any subjects in my final report card
- getting over the city (once again)
- getting another job (hairdressers)
- karaoke for bek and sophie's birthday (seperate occasions)
- the vibe of elisha's party (so uhhh, we'll play spin the bottle by ourselves?!)
- having shiny pants
- properly meeting brent
- amber calling weekend
- watching tom go pale before getting a tattoo
- driving home from toowoomba with rob and karen (second parents?)

Ha, and there is so much more I can assure you!
Blog to you next year ;)

Flightless bird

Last night/today I spent like 22 hours with Zac Miller. It was a really good 22 hours though :) We met in the city, bumped into Pawan, had food (Zac tried sushi and actually liked it haha).. went back to his place via bus. Ended up in Gaythorne (silly me thought he still lived in Zillmere lol), played guitar hero (III + world tour) for around 5 hours. I met his two sisters, Amber and Ebony and his dad, and two of his auntys. Yeowwww! Haha, we had half a 375mL bottle of straight Smirnoff and some Corona's :3 Then at around 9pm Zac had a headache so his aunty was like oh you kids should get some fresh air.. so we went walking, saw a drunk man take a piss then pass out after - he seriously just keeled over! Anyway, we went rumaging through Mt Maria's college and Hillside college (or whatever the schools are called out there haha). Went back home to watch a few hours of The Might Boosh and fell asleep listening to Alexisonfire!
This morning we somehow woke up at 5am, but went back to slumber for a few more hours, had pancakes, played more guitar hero, three hash browns for lunch w/ lots of salt and super bbq sauce. Left around 1.30pm, said goodbye and caught the train home and was home by 2.30pm :)

So The Might Boosh. I love it. I don't know if it's because I have a really big soft spot for Noel Fielding.. but it probably is! Shit that boy's hot. I don't care if he's 35 XD

^ Russel Brand and Noel Fielding. Wouldn't mind that in bed ;P

Monday, December 29, 2008

the black tree

remember me from the time when we used to talk?
how strange, things have changed..
i don't know you anymore.
but you stayed the same, that's why i came
- i need your clarity.

i've fallen in love with a "celebrity".
help me out of it. please.
he knows my name. but ugh, i can't stand this.

I know in my heart it's not you

Ahahahahah, so lately I've been going through the stuff that didn't make it to my room when I re-painted and re-decorated back in November 2007 and came across a piece of exercise book paper with a majorly emo poem in it. Kind of made me laugh but heaps scared me of what I used to be. Wasn't sure if I should write it up here but it's funny if you know who I am today.

Hopeless Fool
The blade is sharp, my hopes are high
Tonight is the night I plan to die.
I dig in deep, like a carving tool
Dying young, a hopeless fool.
Living is for the loved, dying is for the not
The temperature starts rising I start to feel hot.
My time is nearly over, my mum runs through the door
She touches my pale skinI am alive no more.

On a lighter note, I found my can-top collection :)

You can't understand

Ha, so apparently I'm oh-so-controversial. Yeowwww!

Anyway, I can't wait for:
Vegan/Booze/GHWT Sleepover at Zac's
NYE Party
2009 glasses photographs for Visual Art
Sunrise on Jan 1st with Bree
Save Us For Summer FREE SHOW
Adelaide (will post about this soon)
Valentine's Day (Bradie, Short Stack and Metro Station)
Seeing Nanna and Pa
Mum's 50th Party

So that's now until the end of February covered ;)

Friday, December 26, 2008

it's not right

so that wasn't the first time i had cried on christmas..
but it could have waited until today.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

gifts for others

thought i'd post something creative before i go out :)
b for bree.

better quality image on my deviantART (:

everybody loves christmas

so it's half past midday. pretty sure i sent 70 generic texts to various people hahahaha

trip to adelaide (15th - 25th january)
the dark knight
metro station's album
reallyyy cute notebook!! (i'll post it up here this evening after the festivities)
vegetarian cookbook
and other lovely thingssss

i hope everyone's having a nice day thus far and will chat with you all soon

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Start with the basics.

Aunty Rachel's Christmas Party - Photographs.
Lyrics: The Scissor File.
Tell me it's alright

Tell me I'm alright
So you want to know
So you got to know
Everything that takes the best of me

So lets entertain the thought
I cant take this no more
I cant take this no more
So lets entertain the thought
This could be over

Face the day, Face to face
Cause we've come too far to throw it all away
This is the art of letting go
This atmosphere is cold
And its all my own
It's all I see
Cause I'm living the words scratched into my skin
So dont look now cause its now or never
Dont look now
This could be over.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll leave the light on.

I've found a new love for Coheed & Cambria. They're wonderful to listen to when you're lost in thought..

So yesterday I went shopping, bought the last of my Christmas presents, sent a few cards out to people I won't get to see over the holiday period, let some news loose, made a caramel tart,
went driving for the first time (!), put up the photos from my disposable camera up on my wall, had a phone call from Brenden. I was telling Brenden about how I'm pretty much going to Adelaide in January and we were talking about how we have to hang out and I was trying to tell him that we're definately going to spend time together and ended up wording it as 'You're on top of my to do list' XD

Anyway, today I've spent time catching up on myspace (uploading/deleting photos, people, etc) and I'm about to go shopping with my father then going to work from 5pm 'til 9pm. Looking forward to having a few days off over the Christmas period and spending time with the family.

Bring on 2009.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I hope it's gonna make you notice

Someone like me..

Today is supposed to by kind of like a mother-daughter day. I'd be more than happy to do so however mum disregarded plans and has decided to be busy.. and so instead of going shopping with her I am welcome to get a lift with her. Instead of seeing Twilight with her she's making my Christmas skirt (which I am quite thankful for either way) and instead of going to Freestyle's she'd prefer to get drunk at home and make some kind of desert for us.
I have this really strong feeling that it's going to be terrible no matter what (obviously I'm not going to get my way) and I'm more than likely going to be grumpy for this week.

Advice, please? Say you have this friend who likes a friend who is already in a relationship.. what should this friend do?

PS: I have realised that I have not been on here in the last couple of days to do my 'top 10' lists or whatever but everyone has their own opinion so you can all deal with it haha.

PPS: Thursday was great. Friday, got my photos back from developing and they looks heaps cool. More soon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Please Help Me!!

Rank me now

I don't have anything to hide.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon/evening :)
Natalie, Elisha, Maddie, Bec and I are meeting at Indooroopilly to go shopping for a bit then heading back to mine for a 'BYO Favourite Movie' sleepover. Elisha's bringing Mean Girls so that's bound to put the smiles on our faces. I can't decide between The Lost Boys and St. Elmo's Fire, but I'm thinking The Lost Boys due to our addiction to Twilight and the fact that there are sexy vampires in T.L.B. haha.
Can't wait.

Ohh, and this Saturday is Ryan Atyeo's last ever show with Amber Calling!! D: Pretty devastated that I won't be there due to the cost of flights this time of year, however I will hopefully be there around the 20th of January for 'Tight Arse Tuesday' with Amber Calling. Dave read my blog today haha, so if he reads it again.. HI DAVE :)

Tell me, tell me, what makes you think that you're invincibleee..

Personal Choice

So it's approximately 14 days until the new year. 2009. Wow.
With anticipation for the new year increasing with each day that goes by, I've decided to bring you a number of lists each blog entry up until December 31 of the very best of what went on in 2008 (from my point of view ;) ).

This blog contains the top 10 album releases in 2008 (with a few honorable mentions) and blurbs for each so that in the off chance that you're interested you can check out the best tracks and go from there!

Let's start with the honorable mentions:
Panic At The Disco - Pretty.Odd. (best track/s: 'Northern Downpour')
The Killers - Day and Age (best track/s: 'Human')
Conor Oberst - Conor Oberst (best track/s: 'Cape Canaveral', 'Souled Out')
Simple Plan
- Simple Plan (best track/s: 'Generation', 'Save You')
The Getaway Plan - Other Voices Other Rooms (best track/s: 'Shadows')
Fall Out Boy - Folie A Deux (best track/s: 'What A Catch, Donnie', 'My Winona')
The Presets - Apocalypso (best track/s: 'Talk Like That', 'My People')
From First To Last - From First To Last (best track/s: 'Tick Tick Tomorrow')
Forever The Sickest Kids - Underdog Alma Mater (best track/s: 'Woah Oh (Me VS Everyone)', 'Breakdown')
City & Colour - Bring Me Your Love
(best track/s: 'Confessions')
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend (best track/s: 'A Punk')
The Kooks - Konk (best track/s: 'Always Where I Need To Be', 'Shine On')
Alkaline Trio - Agony And Irony (best track/s: 'Calling All Skeletons', 'Help Me')
Breathe Carolina - It's Classy, Not Classic (best track/s: 'Diamonds', 'The Birds and the Bees')
Razias Shadow - Forgive Durden (best track/s: the whole thing is amazing, check it out!!)
The Maine - Can't Stop, Won't Stop (best track/s: 'Girls Do What The Want')
th - Lost In The Sound of Seperation (best track/s: 'We Are The Involuntary')
Escape The Fate - This War Is Ours (best track/s: 'Something', 'This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II')
Jack's Mannequin - The Glass Passenger (best track/s: 'Caves', 'Spinning')
Anberlin - New Surrender (best track/s: 'Miserabile Visu

10: The Matches - A Band In Hope.
Don't you feel nostalgic for our future?
Honestly, this doesn't live up to The Matches debut album 'E. Von Dahl Killed The Locals', however it was definately one of my most anticipated albums for this year. If you're looking for a band full of creativity then you don't need to go further than The Matches. The highlight tracks for me were 'Yankee in a Chip Shop' and 'Wake the Sun'. These guys can be very catchy!!

9: Katy Perry - One of the Boys
I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick.
If you haven't heard this album, you definately should. Although the tracks don't stray far from her releases 'I Kissed a Girl', 'Hot 'n' Cold' and 'Ur So Gay', if you found yourself singing along or tapping your feet then you'd want to hear her other tracks. I definately call this one of those guilty pleasure albums where some people will say that was terrible but secretly on their way home they're humming along to 'Waking Up In Vegas'. Katy Perry played Warped Tour this year so she definately gets props from me for that!! Check it out if you're into catchy pop music.

8: Senses Fail - Life Is Not A Waiting Room
But who would want me anyway? I’m a lush with broken parts of paper mache - I have nothing left to give.
James "Buddy" Nielson will always be one of my favourite song-writer's and vocalist's. Putting those words to the test, you can tell that this album is fueled by a whirlwind of emotions including his break-up to his first-love/long-time girlfriend, alcohol abuse and the inspiration of a friend he met who suffered from cancer and didn't make it through. If you got into Boys Like Girls but were always interested in more heavier music then this album is for you, with everything from melodic and catchy pop-punk to heavy, hardcore/screamo metal. I'd say at least check out 'Fireworks At Dawn', 'Yellow Angels' and 'Life Is Not A Waiting Room'.

7: Amity Affliction - Severed Ties
No one knew the colour of the sky, no one knew where, or how, or why...
If you're from Brisbane and haven't heard/seen these guys then you're definately missing out. These guys have been around for a number of years with two EP's previously being released, their debut album has definately brought along a number of crowd favourites including 'Fruity Lexia' and 'Snitches Get Stitches'. I'd call it a catchy, melodic album for fans of thick riffs and screamed vocals. Definately try catch a show in 2009 as these guys always get the crowd going.

6: Kings of Leon - Only By The Night
What a night for a dance, you know I'm a dancing machine with a fire in my bones and the sweet taste of kerosene.
This album, with the hit singles 'Use Somebody' and 'Sex is on Fire', has definately entered Kings of Leon into the mainstream stratosphere - and it definately shows with their Australian tour being sold-out in 9 minutes. Although it strays for KOL's signature sound, the bands fourth release displays the progression that the Southern-indie-rocker's have stumbled upon and it appears as though their matured sound has become a hit with people with all taste's in music. Essential for any rock or indie fan, Only By The Night's highlight songs are definately 'Sex is on Fire', 'Manhattan' and the opening track 'Closer'.

5: Bring Me The Horizon - Suicide Season
I may look happy, but honestly dear, the only way I'll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear.
Let's start by saying, Oliver Sykes is not only a sex icon. I would choose this release of BMTH over their others as you can't get much better than 'Diamonds Aren't Forever' and 'Chelsea Smile'. With their erratic time signatures and Sykes' immense vocals, the bands sophomore release is definately a pleaser for the fans of something a bit heavier (think IKTPQ) and those who enjoy being extreme.

4: MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
Let's make some music, make some money, find some models for wives.
Originally known as The Management, MGMT have been highly popular with their singles 'Time To Pretend', 'Electric Feel' and 'Kids'. MGMT's mix of alternative pop, glam and new wave restored my faith in our generation that we're still creative and trying to get somewhere. 'Time To Pretend' is easily the anthem of 2008 with the lyrics somewhat conveying what a stereotypical rockstar lifestyle exists to be. The album title ensures something spectacular and lives up to it. Make sure it's on your Christmas Wish List if you don't already have it!

3: The Academy Is... - Fast Times At Barrington High
One song about a girl - can't breathe when I'm around her.
This album is a celebration of the teenage years, the highlights and lowlights of growing up. William Beckett's vocals are at their purest and although the themes aren't as deep as TAI's previous albums 'Santi' and 'Almost Here', it is easy to pick up and there's a chance you won't want to skip over any of the songs. I suppose you could call it a power-pop album, this Fueled By Ramen record is essential for all in their final years of schooling. Very fun. Favourite songs are 'About a Girl' and 'Beware! Cougar!'.

2: Metro Station - Metro Station
You'll cry and curse, when you're alone but laugh and flirt, when you're on the phone.
I really don't care what people have to say about Metro Station. In previous posts I have expressed how I have been into these guys for probably 16(+) months now before they released an album and I am quite impressed. Although this album was released in 2007 in the US of A, it only made an impact in Australia in 2008 with the first single in coherence with the release of the new So You Think You Can Dance series from America, 'Shake It' became popular with teens allover. With some popularity coming from vocalist's Trace Cyrus' popular teen sister, Miley, the band have made an impact with a number of anthems including 'Seventeen Forever'. Seventeen Forever', 'Control', 'Kelsey', 'Shake It', 'Now That We're Done', 'California' and 'Disco' are definately highlights. Their sound is fresh and a soundtrack to Summer for sure.

1: The Audition - Champion
Oh, I can show if you want to know exactly how to say her name to make her scream and shout, but not from pain.
Another of my most anticipated albums is The Audition's Champion. First of all, if you want to get into this album, listen to 'Hell To Sell' and 'Warm Me Up'. This album is so easy to put on repeat and is infectious! Danny Steven's warm vocals play well with pop-punk guitars and catchy drums. The semi-ballad 'What Gets You Through The Night' is quite easy to get into with hooks that will get you singing along from the start. If you want something new, because I am aware that The Audition aren't that well known, definately go to your local record store and purchase this album.

And there you have it folks.
Tell me yours in a comment? :)