Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Flightless bird

Last night/today I spent like 22 hours with Zac Miller. It was a really good 22 hours though :) We met in the city, bumped into Pawan, had food (Zac tried sushi and actually liked it haha).. went back to his place via bus. Ended up in Gaythorne (silly me thought he still lived in Zillmere lol), played guitar hero (III + world tour) for around 5 hours. I met his two sisters, Amber and Ebony and his dad, and two of his auntys. Yeowwww! Haha, we had half a 375mL bottle of straight Smirnoff and some Corona's :3 Then at around 9pm Zac had a headache so his aunty was like oh you kids should get some fresh air.. so we went walking, saw a drunk man take a piss then pass out after - he seriously just keeled over! Anyway, we went rumaging through Mt Maria's college and Hillside college (or whatever the schools are called out there haha). Went back home to watch a few hours of The Might Boosh and fell asleep listening to Alexisonfire!
This morning we somehow woke up at 5am, but went back to slumber for a few more hours, had pancakes, played more guitar hero, three hash browns for lunch w/ lots of salt and super bbq sauce. Left around 1.30pm, said goodbye and caught the train home and was home by 2.30pm :)

So The Might Boosh. I love it. I don't know if it's because I have a really big soft spot for Noel Fielding.. but it probably is! Shit that boy's hot. I don't care if he's 35 XD

^ Russel Brand and Noel Fielding. Wouldn't mind that in bed ;P

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