Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highlights of 2008

Ok so I know it's a common thing to list a few things that happened in 2008, and I thought I'd list some too! There is no order... just pulling things from my head :3

- numerous nights at nats ;)
- kissing someone every month (was a weird new years resolution ahah)
- first time kissing a girl (that happened more than once)
- first cigarette
- partys at mine w/ huong and amber
- making real friends at school
- turning sixteen
- lining up at midnight for escape the fate
- bradie cuddles
- glamourkills birthday party
- ticket to adelaide for christmas
- twilight in general
- going through a number of celebrity crushes
- soundwave!!!!
- becoming more patient
- not failing any subjects in my final report card
- getting over the city (once again)
- getting another job (hairdressers)
- karaoke for bek and sophie's birthday (seperate occasions)
- the vibe of elisha's party (so uhhh, we'll play spin the bottle by ourselves?!)
- having shiny pants
- properly meeting brent
- amber calling weekend
- watching tom go pale before getting a tattoo
- driving home from toowoomba with rob and karen (second parents?)

Ha, and there is so much more I can assure you!
Blog to you next year ;)

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Anonymous said...

Cool blog! Sounds like you had a great year :D