Monday, December 22, 2008

I'll leave the light on.

I've found a new love for Coheed & Cambria. They're wonderful to listen to when you're lost in thought..

So yesterday I went shopping, bought the last of my Christmas presents, sent a few cards out to people I won't get to see over the holiday period, let some news loose, made a caramel tart,
went driving for the first time (!), put up the photos from my disposable camera up on my wall, had a phone call from Brenden. I was telling Brenden about how I'm pretty much going to Adelaide in January and we were talking about how we have to hang out and I was trying to tell him that we're definately going to spend time together and ended up wording it as 'You're on top of my to do list' XD

Anyway, today I've spent time catching up on myspace (uploading/deleting photos, people, etc) and I'm about to go shopping with my father then going to work from 5pm 'til 9pm. Looking forward to having a few days off over the Christmas period and spending time with the family.

Bring on 2009.

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