Monday, January 19, 2009


As most should know, I'm in Adelaide.
Been here since Thursday so today is my 5th day! Totally feels like it's
been longer though because in the first two days I saw a lot of people
and even went to a gig at Lights Square.

Having boy troubles. Won't go into it though.
Evey, the cat that Mel is cat-sitting slept in the same room as us last
night and managed to pee on my bed so when I turned over at like 4am my
side went in it and I was mad as.. Didn't manage to wake anyone up, but
I like went to the bathroom and tried washing my side by splashing water
but that didn't work out as well as I had planned haha.. So I changed my
shirt and the room smells like piss.
Fran's walking around the house getting ready for workkk, won't be back
until after 4pm. Not that that means much to you..

I felt fine last night but now I'm thinking I lack sleep and need a
shower. Maybe some water too.
Anyway kids, will fill you in for real when I get back!

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