Sunday, January 11, 2009

I need to say to you

Oh gosh, please someone come see Family Force 5 on Australia Day with me. It's only like $35 and it's at SONFEST so there's other bands and artists and such..
I love these guys so much and am really wanting to get one of their tshirts from their webstore. Especially this one :O
If you want to buy me something, buy me that! Probably in a medium. Please and thankyou :3

Anyway, yesterday I started talking to Fran from Taken By Chance. Partly thanks to Mel because he was talking about me to her and she gave him my number haha. So anyway, TBC are a local Adelaide band who are playing with Delamare on Friday at Lights Square which I'm going to. However, chances are they're playing at the same time as Enolas Secret who are playing at the unibar (which is 20 minutes walk from LS) so I might not see them. Luckily I'm staying at Mel's place though so I'll still get to hang with Fran seeing as they live together :)

Oh gosh, I'm really starting to believe that this is real.
4 Days, 5 hours, 55 minutes.

PS: Nat made the cutest felt items :O
Find her blog here.

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