Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'm great

Totally fooled some real estate lady into thinking
a) I'm Fran's girlfriend
b) He's the only one who lives in the house

When infact I'm not his gf, Mel and Kate also live with him and to add
onto that they have two cats and a dog here too ha.

Anyway, yesterday we watched 27 Dresses and Scary Movie 2. Can't say I
really got into either of them. 27 Dresses was a pretty dull script and
story line and SM2 was pretty lame ha.
At the moment Mel and I are eating garlic bread and watching The Girl
Next Door. Love it so far and it's been like 10 minutes. I love Emile
Hirsch though so that's probably helping ha.

Tonight we're going to Fowlers in town to see Amber Calling, Dan Raw and
A Miracle is Now. It shall be heaps good :)
Not sure what to wear just yet, I'm tempted to steal one of Fran's
shirts for the night to wear with my vinyl-look pants.

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