Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking for an escape.

If this sore throat turns into something more in the next few days and doesn't go away by the time I leave for Adelaide there will be hell to pay for my sister. She's been sick for like a week and the past two weeks she's been home because work told her not to come in for a bit considering it's been quiet. So you know what? I've had no quiet at home. I love being home alone, but you know what? Fuck that hey. I can't wait to get to Adelaide. There's been too much conflict here and I'm getting over it as I usually do around this time..

Ohh gosh. It's going to be wonderful, honestly. I mean, I'm still figuring out where I'm staying and when but it will sort itself out I'm sure..

Yesterday I saw Save Us For Summer with Bree at City Beach in Brisbane's CBD. They'll be performing there again on the 22nd of January so make sure you get there and support them!!

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