Sunday, January 11, 2009

Staring at the sea

Ugh, my aunty was telling me to have fun and such in Adelaide this evening as I was leaving the family party that was held for Bree's mum. You know what she added at the end? Take some condoms. WHAT. THE. HELL. I simply replied with "Ha" and walked away.

Today at the party with Bree, Chris Johns (Short Stack's manager) called us (well, her because it was her phone, but technically it was us because it was to do with both of us) -anyway- about how we are officially the owners of Brisbane's SS street team :)
So uhhhh, basically it means freebies, tickets, etc oh and quite possibly backstage. So prepare to be jealous about the pictures of me and Trace Cyrus! Haha. And if Bree and I ever want to go to a Short Stack show out of Brisbane we can for free as long as we pay for the transport. He called from the "Princess" video shoot and we could hear Andy in the background shouting something to Shaun XD

Looks like I'm not seeing any of my Brisbane friends until after I come back from Adelaide. Sucks big time.. :(

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