Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lack of

inspiration to push myself any further..


Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's all in your hands

bragging rights

soundwave yesterday.
best day i've had in a loooonggg time..
in the 10 or so hours there i managed to see these people/bands:
mike herrera
amity affliction
madina lake
saves the day
ace enders
jacks mannequin
the subways (saw these guys by default, they were crap)
forever the sickest kids
red jumpsuit apparatus
minus the bear
the audition
billy talent
horse the band (weren't that great live)
houston calls
say anything
in flames (by default)
alkaline trio
i am the avalanche

fuck yes. that many bands!! obviously for some of them i only saw a couple of songs as there were places to be/bands to see hehe. i also got to meet some guy from valencia (he tried selling me a cd while i was leaving stage 1/2 but i didn't have enough $$ on me!)..
I MET MAX BEMIS!! and I also got to meet Danny Stevens again :D
YUMMMMMEHHHHHHHHHHH (L) and jeff from say anything ;)

red jumpsuit apparatus were disappointing, but that may have just been the crap quality of the set up on stage 2..
i didn't see nat at all!! :S
oh and did i mention i was alone from like.. 4:45pm? until about 9:15 when i caught up with bree so we could go back to mine. mostly because i wanted to get prime position for the audition then i couldn't find anyone so i continued on to get prime position from say anything.

as said, best day i've had in a long time. the only digital photograph i got was with danny stevens as i used most of the camera memory to take a video of forever the sickest kids and the audition (did i say how yum danny stevens is?!) but rest assured, i have a picture of jeff (say anything) and i on my disposable camera and a picture of max bemis (say anything) and i on there too :)

i'll dedicate a post or two to these lovely gentlemen hehe.

oh and i reached 1942 words on my extended essay and submitted it on friday, i'm hoping i get some decent feedback otherwise in all it will probably be heaps dodgy hah

Friday, February 20, 2009

tired and uninspired

i am currently writing my extended essay draft (which just so happens to be due sometime tomorrow) of 2000 words. i am up to 750, which i must say is a pretty good effort considering i wrote my first paragraph this morning. so with 1250 words to go i suppose i better make this a quick blog.

from saturday onwards i am going to be in various moods.
saturday is soundwave which will be, like last year, one of the best days of the year. seriously, first lineup announcement made me so happy i had to dance hah. i'm not sure who i am mostly looking forward to seeing but pretty sure i'll be seeing (according to the timetable~ which i have distributed to nat/josh):
mike herrera (acoustic, lead singer of punk band mxpx)
saves the day
jacks mannequin
forever the sickest kids
red jumpsuit apparatus
the audition
billy talent
say anything (ahh had to choose between these guys, nfg and fftl!!)
and alkaline trio.
the bands playing last really do not interest me so i think bree and i shall be leaving just after 9 so we can then go back to mine and work on some more soda rose designs and get the orders processed and ready to be packaged and such.

speaking of soda rose, please check our collection out at
prices range from $3 to $13, with postage only costing $2 and $1 for each additional item (only if in the same purchase)

anyway, back to my extended essay (oh shit yeh, doesn't that just make you want to write 4000 words??)
x hayleigh

ps: my topic is 'How the power of the photographic image can be used to pose important socio-cultural questions and confront an audience through a comparative study of Bill Henson and Rob Dobi.'

Monday, February 16, 2009


mhmm, backstage at the brisbane entertainment centre whilst the ever-so-popular band from hollywood, aka metro station, took to the stage. and no, we weren't competition winners. and yes, this is short stack.
gah, i love my boys :)
the princess ball on the 21st of march is going to be amazing, so please make sure you get your tickets and be there!
the necklace's we're all wearing in the picture (except for shaun who was holding his) are made by Soda Rose Designs (aka mine and Bree's design label, chyehhhhh) and so if you're interested head over to http://www.myspace.com/sodarose and you'll be able to purchase them from there! details haven't fully been set up just yet but be patient ;) but please add us for now!!
it was so good to get to spend time with them when they weren't being harassed by 12 year-olds. and they were so thankful for everything bree and i have done for them in terms of spreading the word about them :) bradie was over-talkative with me hehe, which of course i was super happy about. but he messed up my hair when we left haha, love him.

anyway, here are a few images of the boys being bombarded with fans hah
i also got to meet a girl called bianca who i have known on myspace for more than a year now. she lives in nsw but came up to brisbane for the show as she also has relatives up here!
anyway, bree and i didn't get home until 3am after finding out that the gates to the train station were padlocked so we couldn't really leave the complex (we were with our new-found friends alek and alex) and whilst we could potentially climb the gates there were probably about 20 drunken men running around at the station so we chose the option of going back to the entertainment centre and call a cab (a+a called a parent and were picked up within 20 minutes) which did not show and so after having called 3 cabs one finally arrived which took us to the city in the hopes to catch the last train home. however, with our luck they had finished for the night so after a tear-y phone call to my mother (i was tired, mk!) we walked to the casino and caught a cab home~ at least the driver was nice and actually used to live around the corner from me 5 years ago!

sunday was spent sleeping and after bree left i cleaned my room and its looking pretty good.
today (monday) i had the day off and spent it re-watching the first 10 episodes of gossip girl and uploading photos and such to the Soda Rose myspace.
i don't want to go to school tomorrow!! i haven't made any further progress with my extended essay either which is due on friday. i'm thinking i might have to go to a library tomorrow after school and knuckle down.

'till next time.
xo rain

ps: brisbane/qld short stack fan? join the street team!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


donate to the red cross to support the australian bush fire victims

so this week has been ever so slow and i can't wait for it to be over.
however, saturday is backstage day ;)
mhmm short stack are in town with metro station and the veronica's
and being friends and all that, bree and i are hanging backstage with the boys
thought i'd state that hehe.

anyway, i'm sleepy as.
big update soon i promise.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Why you so contagious?

Please come to Short Stack's "Princess Ball" to help launch their new single "Princess" :)
Who: Short Stack + 52 Flicks
Date: Saturday 21st March
Time: 2pm - 5:30pm*
Where: The Princess Theatre, Wooloongabba
Price: $35 + booking fee
Ticket's available from Oztix and most Oztix outlets (including Rockinghorse Records in Brisbane CBD).
*finish time not actually confirmed

Add the Official Brisbane Short Stack Street Team!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

ok so

i just made the blogs i read un-anonymous
so you can find all of that junk in my profile :)

i'm in the mood for being creative!!
except in the sense of public creativity..
like doing a zine or something (nicolaaaaaaaaaarghhh!!)

someone please get me some hama beads (L)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i'm sorry

stupid romantic comedy's.
they always make me want to fall in love.
be perfect.

i'm over trying so hard to get him.
i need him here soon.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

at best

it's been three whole days since i've had sleep
because i dream of her lips on your cheek
and I got the point that i should leave you alone
but we both know that i'm not that strong
and I miss the lips that made me fly