Monday, February 16, 2009


mhmm, backstage at the brisbane entertainment centre whilst the ever-so-popular band from hollywood, aka metro station, took to the stage. and no, we weren't competition winners. and yes, this is short stack.
gah, i love my boys :)
the princess ball on the 21st of march is going to be amazing, so please make sure you get your tickets and be there!
the necklace's we're all wearing in the picture (except for shaun who was holding his) are made by Soda Rose Designs (aka mine and Bree's design label, chyehhhhh) and so if you're interested head over to and you'll be able to purchase them from there! details haven't fully been set up just yet but be patient ;) but please add us for now!!
it was so good to get to spend time with them when they weren't being harassed by 12 year-olds. and they were so thankful for everything bree and i have done for them in terms of spreading the word about them :) bradie was over-talkative with me hehe, which of course i was super happy about. but he messed up my hair when we left haha, love him.

anyway, here are a few images of the boys being bombarded with fans hah
i also got to meet a girl called bianca who i have known on myspace for more than a year now. she lives in nsw but came up to brisbane for the show as she also has relatives up here!
anyway, bree and i didn't get home until 3am after finding out that the gates to the train station were padlocked so we couldn't really leave the complex (we were with our new-found friends alek and alex) and whilst we could potentially climb the gates there were probably about 20 drunken men running around at the station so we chose the option of going back to the entertainment centre and call a cab (a+a called a parent and were picked up within 20 minutes) which did not show and so after having called 3 cabs one finally arrived which took us to the city in the hopes to catch the last train home. however, with our luck they had finished for the night so after a tear-y phone call to my mother (i was tired, mk!) we walked to the casino and caught a cab home~ at least the driver was nice and actually used to live around the corner from me 5 years ago!

sunday was spent sleeping and after bree left i cleaned my room and its looking pretty good.
today (monday) i had the day off and spent it re-watching the first 10 episodes of gossip girl and uploading photos and such to the Soda Rose myspace.
i don't want to go to school tomorrow!! i haven't made any further progress with my extended essay either which is due on friday. i'm thinking i might have to go to a library tomorrow after school and knuckle down.

'till next time.
xo rain

ps: brisbane/qld short stack fan? join the street team!

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