Sunday, February 22, 2009

bragging rights

soundwave yesterday.
best day i've had in a loooonggg time..
in the 10 or so hours there i managed to see these people/bands:
mike herrera
amity affliction
madina lake
saves the day
ace enders
jacks mannequin
the subways (saw these guys by default, they were crap)
forever the sickest kids
red jumpsuit apparatus
minus the bear
the audition
billy talent
horse the band (weren't that great live)
houston calls
say anything
in flames (by default)
alkaline trio
i am the avalanche

fuck yes. that many bands!! obviously for some of them i only saw a couple of songs as there were places to be/bands to see hehe. i also got to meet some guy from valencia (he tried selling me a cd while i was leaving stage 1/2 but i didn't have enough $$ on me!)..
I MET MAX BEMIS!! and I also got to meet Danny Stevens again :D
YUMMMMMEHHHHHHHHHHH (L) and jeff from say anything ;)

red jumpsuit apparatus were disappointing, but that may have just been the crap quality of the set up on stage 2..
i didn't see nat at all!! :S
oh and did i mention i was alone from like.. 4:45pm? until about 9:15 when i caught up with bree so we could go back to mine. mostly because i wanted to get prime position for the audition then i couldn't find anyone so i continued on to get prime position from say anything.

as said, best day i've had in a long time. the only digital photograph i got was with danny stevens as i used most of the camera memory to take a video of forever the sickest kids and the audition (did i say how yum danny stevens is?!) but rest assured, i have a picture of jeff (say anything) and i on my disposable camera and a picture of max bemis (say anything) and i on there too :)

i'll dedicate a post or two to these lovely gentlemen hehe.

oh and i reached 1942 words on my extended essay and submitted it on friday, i'm hoping i get some decent feedback otherwise in all it will probably be heaps dodgy hah

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