Friday, February 20, 2009

tired and uninspired

i am currently writing my extended essay draft (which just so happens to be due sometime tomorrow) of 2000 words. i am up to 750, which i must say is a pretty good effort considering i wrote my first paragraph this morning. so with 1250 words to go i suppose i better make this a quick blog.

from saturday onwards i am going to be in various moods.
saturday is soundwave which will be, like last year, one of the best days of the year. seriously, first lineup announcement made me so happy i had to dance hah. i'm not sure who i am mostly looking forward to seeing but pretty sure i'll be seeing (according to the timetable~ which i have distributed to nat/josh):
mike herrera (acoustic, lead singer of punk band mxpx)
saves the day
jacks mannequin
forever the sickest kids
red jumpsuit apparatus
the audition
billy talent
say anything (ahh had to choose between these guys, nfg and fftl!!)
and alkaline trio.
the bands playing last really do not interest me so i think bree and i shall be leaving just after 9 so we can then go back to mine and work on some more soda rose designs and get the orders processed and ready to be packaged and such.

speaking of soda rose, please check our collection out at
prices range from $3 to $13, with postage only costing $2 and $1 for each additional item (only if in the same purchase)

anyway, back to my extended essay (oh shit yeh, doesn't that just make you want to write 4000 words??)
x hayleigh

ps: my topic is 'How the power of the photographic image can be used to pose important socio-cultural questions and confront an audience through a comparative study of Bill Henson and Rob Dobi.'

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