Sunday, March 29, 2009


i would like these days to return.
as a start, i'm hoping to dye my hair back to that ;)
i miss lani jane!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


So yesterday was pretty interesting. I had my first volunteer shift at the Red Cross charity store in Sherwood. The ladies working there are great and they have some awesome stuff there! Basically I got shown around and was taught how to use the cash register, very easy stuff to handle pretty much. So anyway, I got to learn about how things get sorted as well and as a bonus I can pretty much read any book they have and bring it back whenever. So at the moment I have some vampire one about stereotypes and vampire movies which will really come in handy when I get around to writing my film documentary script for the IB. Anyway, Laurel, the supervisor that was there asked what I was interested in or if there was anything that I maybe wanted them to keep an eye out for if it was donated and I was like, "Well, I don't suppose you receive any Polaroid cameras..?" and she said that they sometimes get them and she'll definately let me know! That totally saves me like $$$$ for buying one off ebay ;)
After I finished my shift at 1pm, mum picked me up and we went home for a few hours until dad asked if I wanted to go to the gym today. YESSSS. I really like the gym haha. I didn't know if I'd like it that much but it's really enjoyable (even though, as I right this, my bi-ceps and arse are aching!). I did my full workout (upper and lower body + abs) as well as 15 minutes riding a bike machine (I did 4km!). I drove home (took the long way so I ended up with another 30 minutes written in my log book) and then that was pretty much it for the day. Besides studying for my math exam (9am tomorrow!!).

I didn't get as much sleep as I was hoping last night, but I suppose I got enough. I had a random nose bleed at like 5am which really pissed me off because someone had stolen my box of tissues during the week so in the dark (because I would have blinded myself if I had turned my light on) ~ okay by in the dark I actually mean with my phone light ~ I managed to get to my cosmetics draw on the other side of my messy room and pull out a travel pack of tissues. I don't think I've ever been so thankful to have gone to Adelaide in mid-January otherwise I would have not had those tissues! I fell asleep with one stuck up my nose. Not that you wanted to know that or anything but I thought I might add that I now have no knowledge as to where that tissue has ended up.. I'm sure I'll come across it sometime tonight when it comes to me going to bed.
Today was the day that people were coming over in celebration of Victoria's 19th birthday which was last Tuesday, the 17th of March. Supposedly we were going to have some kind of celebration last weekend but due to Bree and my commitments as Short Stack crew, that's how this came about hah. I put up with a few hours of family small-talk and such and I had a nice chat with my cousin Adrian, who actually lives in Canberra but is up here after a trip to India (his parents live like one minute walk away from my place). The chat with Adrian was mostly about music and how his girlfriend in Canberra is now the editor to their equivelant of Brisbane's RAVE magazine. Yes, I am quite the jealous bean. One of the perks she gets is tickets to pretty much any show she wants, depending on the venue usually, but she also gets to do interviews with some great musicians including The Flaming Lips.
Just as that conversation was dying down, Bree arrived from work :)
We talked about heaps of stuff then decided that the lights we were sitting under were similar to that of interagation lamps so we went upstairs to watch Gossip Girl and some of the MTV AVMA's which occured on Friday evening. Had to go down for cake-time, then we went back upstairs for another 10 minutes then decide to ditch the party and go for a drive. Macca's was our destination but to our dismay, they decided to kill our hopes and had signs up saying that EFTPOS was unavailable. Their loss. Hungry Jacks at Mt. Ommaney was our next option where we sat for about 30 minutes. Me with my Whopper + Cheese w/out meat and Bree with her Bacon Deluxe haha.
Finally decided to get home and found out that the family had all gone home so we sat in my room for a bit and decided to make more jewellery! We made a piana ring each which sits across three fingers as well as a pink diamond necklace and a gumball necklace. Definately repping my stash at art camp on Stradbroke Island this Saturday. Point is, it was a good afternoon.

Nonetheless, I have another hour of study time left before I have to go to bed and I actual don't want to be studying right now. Unfortunately my math exam is at 9am tomorrow morning so I can't ditch class and study then. Hopefully I'll be able to convince one of the head people at my academy to let me treat the day similar to a block exam and sit in a class room or in the IRC to study and do assignments otherwise my week is going to look like a failure.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Vote Earth.

2,848 cities, towns and municipalities in 84 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and global warming.

Please join in and turn off your lights at 8:30pm (whatever your local time is) on the 28th of March 2009.
I'll be doing this!!

If you have a blog also, make a post about this so we can make it big!

Truth box

How greatttt is hate mail ;D

You are so up yourself. Its fucking annoying. I hate being around you. You're not cool. Stop thinking you're cooler than everyone else. You think you're so superior but you're not. Thank fuck this is anonymous. You'll never guess it's me. Go fuck yourself.

~ If the person who wrote this reads my blog, it's called confidence.
Maybe you should get some so that you can actually say this to my face.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

ideal snack

go get a packet of these!
theyre amazinggggg :D

Stefan Bruggemann.

is an artist from Mexico (who works mostly in Mexico city and London).

is a conceptual artist.

his works are obvious, simple and understandable.. but nonetheless contain a meaning/message.

the works to the left are from bruggemann's
obliteration series from 2007.

the 'sometimes i think, sometimes i don't' neon light display is 60" x 44".

for more of his works from this series visit:

we all know

Excuse me I’m flaunting my worst expectations on top of the top of the world.

Sway Sway Tour.
Melbourne 5 July @ The Hi Fi (U18)
Sydney - 10 July @ Metro Theatre (AA)
Brisbane - 12 July @ The Hi Fi (U18)
Adelaide - 17 July @ The Gov (AA)

Short Stack will be hitting the hottest venues on a semi-national tour in July to promote their upcoming single Sway Sway Baby.

Make sure you get your ticket/s soon as it will sell out!

Join the OFFICIAL Brisbane Short Stack Street Team


hah, the acoustic version of 'don't trust me' by 3OH!3
and yes, this is the actual band doing the acoustic version not some cover.

don't trust a ho!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and all of the noise

i am silence.

oh to be creative..
i am lacking talent at the moment.
it really sucks to have been accepted to a school because of your photography and that's because that's all you feel that you are capable of doing (aka moi).. and yet all of the other people are capable of much more than yourself.

so pretty much these are what i did today in my art lesson and during second recess. i wasn't sure which i prefered of the lighter image so idk, let me know somehow and i'll make my decision from there i suppose.

other than this dilemma, things are.. hmm, alright i suppose. well, actually i'm not 100% at the moment. i'm suffering sleep deprivation at it's best which is really effecting my mood. i can't find my ipod connection cord so i haven't been able to calm myself down with my music so i've just been lying awake until i eventually dose off, in which by the time this happens the midnight possums are running on the roof right above my room and ruining this >.<

a little more than two weeks until school is over for ten days.. hardly seems worth it hey. i have 13 pieces of assessment to do before then too!

oh and i'm so glad blink 182 are back (idc if that's old news hah). i've been listening to their final album- it was the self titled one released in 2003 -and reallyyyy getting into them again, not that i ever got out of them. just saying ;)

i miss being ranga

yep. i'm thinking of going back to what i had a year and 3 months ago!
ps: that's hayley williams, if you couldn't tell ;) hah

lemme know your opinion/s!?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

i'd like to mention

saturday is my favourite day of the week.
and today proved my thoery right yet again.
i'll post more on that later.

everyone loved my new shirt also.
if you can't tell, it's a forest scene.
<-mhmm, i have the prettiest face ever ;)

Thursday, March 19, 2009


There's this girl who is suuuuper jealous of me having James it's not even funny. She's off calling me a loser and retarded and saying she hates me through his picture comments on the pictures we got the other day..
Someone fucking deck her now, k?
She lives in Gympie and she's heaps rank. No joke.

Honestly, who the fuck comes from a town like that and then acts like they're top shit when they get to Brisbane.. especially when no one really cares.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cause I'm a thousand miles away

And I'm out of oxygen
And now I'm, falling faster than I'd like to be,

Monday, March 16, 2009

oh what?!

woah. k.
so today was big.
i signed up to a gym :D

i want tomorrow to be here thoughhhh
i get to see my boyfff ^_^

i'm dehydrated.

seeing my boys this weekend and doing their merch :D
idk if i've already blogged that be seriously, it's going to be great!
hopefully get an 'aaa' pass so i can ditch the desk for a couple of their songs so i can get some sweet photographs :)
also, anyone know where to get decent jackets like theirs?? i'm thinking city beach or general pants co so i'll take a look tomorrow when i'm in town hey.

talk soon lovers

Sunday, March 15, 2009



starting to feel weird about this.
idk if it was the right thing to do..
ughhh, really need to chat with someone.
d/m style.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

oh japan


anyway, point is..
i've uploaded new designs on soda rose
incl. gloomy bear and hello kitty ;)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


ahhh so i ditched you guys again XD

nevertheless, here's a picture of lewis usher (from screech) repping soda rose:
^ seee? the little clouds on his guitar straps are made by mee
they're $3 each or all 3 for $8! woo.

check out his band, screech:

update sooon hopefully ;)

Monday, March 9, 2009

let's take a moment

i'm apparently not allowed to be social anymore.
no hang outs, no partys, no shows..
study study studyy.

hah, that's meant to be a joke, right?
i'm a teenager, duh.

anyway, i miss him.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


i'm sorry dear blog, i have neglected you so :O
last post = 24th february
oh mah goshhhhhhhhh!

no idea what is new with myself.
mum's 50th dinner last friday went well, even if my dinner was over-ly chilli-fied.
during the day we (mum, nan and i) went to a really sweet vegetarian cafe in sherwood.
the saturday was mums party with about 70 various guests.
i took a bunch of photos during the speeches so i'll get onto posting those when i get the chance.
been missing too much class time lately, no reason >.>
met up with james on thursday afternoon in the city..
sleeping at his tonight, watching movies and such.
oh and people are really getting into 'soda rose'!
add it, whore it, buy shit!

i'm off to sleep before my lovely 830am - 1pm shift at the hairdresserrzz.

ps: i have some really great friends at the moment.
especially the ones that tell me to update to help them procrastinate :P