Tuesday, March 24, 2009

and all of the noise

i am silence.

oh to be creative..
i am lacking talent at the moment.
it really sucks to have been accepted to a school because of your photography and that's because that's all you feel that you are capable of doing (aka moi).. and yet all of the other people are capable of much more than yourself.

so pretty much these are what i did today in my art lesson and during second recess. i wasn't sure which i prefered of the lighter image so idk, let me know somehow and i'll make my decision from there i suppose.

other than this dilemma, things are.. hmm, alright i suppose. well, actually i'm not 100% at the moment. i'm suffering sleep deprivation at it's best which is really effecting my mood. i can't find my ipod connection cord so i haven't been able to calm myself down with my music so i've just been lying awake until i eventually dose off, in which by the time this happens the midnight possums are running on the roof right above my room and ruining this >.<

a little more than two weeks until school is over for ten days.. hardly seems worth it hey. i have 13 pieces of assessment to do before then too!

oh and i'm so glad blink 182 are back (idc if that's old news hah). i've been listening to their final album- it was the self titled one released in 2003 -and reallyyyy getting into them again, not that i ever got out of them. just saying ;)


doodlebrain said...

hey hayleigh (its jess from school!)
i REALLY like the images in this post!
i cant decide which one i my favourite thought...i like the 1st and 3rd ones the best
see you tomorrow :)

Hayleigh said...

thanks jess! :)