Saturday, March 7, 2009


i'm sorry dear blog, i have neglected you so :O
last post = 24th february
oh mah goshhhhhhhhh!

no idea what is new with myself.
mum's 50th dinner last friday went well, even if my dinner was over-ly chilli-fied.
during the day we (mum, nan and i) went to a really sweet vegetarian cafe in sherwood.
the saturday was mums party with about 70 various guests.
i took a bunch of photos during the speeches so i'll get onto posting those when i get the chance.
been missing too much class time lately, no reason >.>
met up with james on thursday afternoon in the city..
sleeping at his tonight, watching movies and such.
oh and people are really getting into 'soda rose'!
add it, whore it, buy shit!

i'm off to sleep before my lovely 830am - 1pm shift at the hairdresserrzz.

ps: i have some really great friends at the moment.
especially the ones that tell me to update to help them procrastinate :P

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