Sunday, April 26, 2009

can she get any more stunning?

thursday car crash

so i haven't quite been open since thursday. the day of the crash. let's just say i am so glad that mum was driving and i wasn't otherwise we probably would have been physically injured.
here's how it went;

thursday after school i met up with mum at indooroopilly in the hopes of finding some killer cowboy boots. we'd decided not to get the ones from payless as they were $75.00 and not even leather, so we were searching for something of quality. we found some at wittner but came to the conclusion that we could go to the city sometime next week (well, this week now).

so we decided to leave around 7pm, i argued a little to be the driver but mum wanted to go pick up a chicken (blerrgghhh) from red rooster and reminded me of the last time i went through a drive through the douche at the window dropped the money and i got fair annoyed haha.

anyway, so after that we were on our way home along oxley road and just chatting when all of a sudden the 4WD driving in front of decided to veer to the right in hopes to cross the road which also made the 4WD slow down and so mum had to swerve it. i looked to our right (sort of like in a dirty-look way to be like ughh stupid 4WD) and as it turned a red car in the on-going lane hit it dead on the centre and came spinning out our car.

thankfully mum swerved it otherwise we would have been in the accident as well and more than likely hit a telephone.

so uhm, yeh been pretty stressed out with it but calming down. i couldn't stop crying all of thursday night even though i was safe.

to see the crash was bad enough but to have the red car almost hit us on the rebound was even worse. the red car looked like it would be written off and the 4WD had a pretty bad dint in the side.

on friday i went to school thinking it would take my mind off of it but it really didn't help. sorry to the people i was ignorant and blunt to. after my dad picked me up from school at midday we managed to drive past another crash scene and to make things worse my dad decided to drive me past the place that mum and i almost had the crash at so he could see it himself. there were marks on the road and it was quite frightening.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

let's do this

let's sail away.


i know i write a lot of shit in here sometimes. but i don't know what i'm feeling. i'm sick of being held down by school. i really want to be with him.. i'm so scared of losing him to some other girl in his city. he was in my dream last night. i want his band to finally come here and if my hopes go forward he'll be here in the holidays. i hope it's not too late then.. i really don't know what i would do.

i don't know what i'm doing with life. i do and don't want to go to uni. i want to travel far away but i want someone to be with me. i want to manage bands and go on tour. i want to take photographs and eventually write a book. i want to be with my friends but still define myself from them. i want to walk through a rainforest. i want to touch a zebra.

i need to get out of here. i want to fall in love with someone perfect for me. i don't want to muck around with boys who are not interesting. i want a tattoo. an anchor would be perfect right now. i want to make friends without myspace. i want confidence in both myself, the things i do and the people i know and meet. i want to sit on a train all day and end up in another state.

i want to feel alive. i want to stop crying. i want to know more people. i want more friends. i want to know the truth. i want to read books that will avoid the notion of thinking. i want to watch movies all day.

i want to finally get around to writing a zine.


i hate nat

so i tried nat's find: the 5 minute cake-in-a-mug.
it's goood D:
although i crushed up chocolate instead of choc chips..
because the size of the chocolate bits were quite large they sunk..
leaving a chocolate goo at the bottom of the mug.

will post more on this later.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


this evening i had my first meeting at the hive, now in fortitude valley.
more on that tomorrow.

i'm off to sleep so i am happy for tomorrow lol :)
sending stuff to we are godzilla/dave
buying cowboy boots
+ general living


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

heaps exciting news

I'm back at school, blah blah blah..

Not exciting in the slightest right!
WRONG! The exciting news is that mine and Bree's accessory line 'Soda Rose' is going to be sold at the Adelaide store known as 'We Are Godzilla' (on Waymouth Street). I have to finish making the items tonight and hopefully get around to sending them on Thursday night :)
I've already made four diamonds (pink, purple, blue and green) and am about to start making a few mario mushrooms. It's fair exciting because this is like, proper industry stuff! Thank you Dave, love you man.

Also, there's been an email sent out to the people at my school (ok, so it's mostly aimed at music students but fuck them haha) about doing work experience at Kid Rock Productions which would help me learn about event management and how to book shows and such! I'm thinking of applying for it, but I'm holding back because I'm still not sure what I want to do once I'm finished with school! Eeeep! :S

The rest of the holidays were fair good, spent Friday with Elisha and Nat and saw 17Again. Saturday and Sunday I cleaned my room (it looks really good haha) and Sunday afternoon/evening Bree came over and we posted some new items on the 'Soda Rose' myspace page. Here are a few of the new designs:


Friday, April 17, 2009


My new favourite top.


Today, well yesterday, Thursday, was the best day of my holidays so far. The plan was actually to wake up around 8.30am and be ready for the gym by 9am, however with my lack of memory I did not set my alarm and so was awoken by mum at 9.15am asking if I still had the intention of going to the gym. Didn't get there until 10am where I did ab + arse exercises for the first 15 minutes then did 10 minutes on the treadmill on speed 6 on an inclination of 4 (yeh, ok whatever that means haha), which apparently helped me lose 60cal ;D then I did a bunch of other machine exercises and finished my session with a 20 minute bike ride! Anyway, I left there at 11am, once mum picked me up and took me back home~ yeh ok so maybe gym should equal walking to the train station but mum wasn't at work this morning so it was necessary to use her taxi service hah.
Once I got home, I got ready to go out for lunch with Lewis in my new white button up shirt, black shorts, tattoo-style tights and black waistcoast. Lunch was all the way over at Westfield Chermside (yeh, I travelled 1hr to get there!) and I eventually arrived at 1.30pm. Lewis and I walked around for a bit, visiting stores. We went to JBHI:FI and Kelly was there! Kelly is, or was, my boss at Spotlight before she moved on to working at JB! Her tattoo sleeve is finished and looks amazinggggg. Was nice to have a quick catch up :) Lewis and I ate lunch at Sumo Salad, which is where we ate last time we had lunch at Chermside (last year sometime). We then went to Borders for a bit and then to some cool game place where they actually sell sega games :O went back to Borders because Lewis wanted to see if Bryce could get him a discount on the Mighty Boosh book, however he had to leave before Bryce started his shift so that pretty much failed. Bought 10 pieces of tattoo gum for 15c/piece aka: $1.50~ yes, I am aware that the actual gum is rancid~ and a pez dispenser. We exited around 3.30pm and I caught a 333 back to the city.
I was thinking of going straight home, however decided to go to the city, where I had a look in Vinnies to see if they had any neat cardigans or vests and turns out they didn't.. I then went to BigW to put in two disposable camera's to be developed. I'm realllyyyy hoping they turn out alright! I kind of don't want to see some of them haha but I can't remember when I started them anyway so it should be fun to see what else is on there besides the wanting-to-forget-event. After putting my film in I went to Dymocks and browsed for about 50 minutes. I found some pretty interesting books that, hopefully, I'll buy in the near future. One of them being a book called 'Living Among Meat Eaters' by Carol J. Adams. It has some really good advice (not that I don't live well among you meat eaters haha), and also some pretty decent comebacks about what to say when questioned about your choice and when people give stupid opinions and it's crazy to read it because I've experienced a lot of the comments that are mentioned in the book! I'd also really like to buy/read Russell Brand's two autobiography's, 'Irons in the Fire' (1st) and 'My Booky Wook' (2nd). 'My Booky Wook' is his latest and I'd love to know more about him. I've also decided that I would really like to purchase 'To Kill A Mockingbird' by Harper Lee, seeing as it's a classic.

Can't wait to be payed my $950.00 from K. Rudd ;D

Ohhh, and I saw Sophie at Central as I was walking towards the stairs to go down to the platform :3
Also, if anyone else managed to go to Central this afternoon and heard/saw the buskers.. Anyone get their number/s? Haha, they were fair cute AND good! I didn't get the chance to stop and give them any $$, wish I did though! Maybe they'll be there tomorrow.


I know I always seem to go on about bands, and sometimes they actually suck, but I'm just doing them the favour of exposure.. but seriously consider checking out Amber Calling's new song on their myspace. They've come a long way and when they release their album I promise you'll be blown away ;) Add them while you're there too.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday, April 13, 2009

goodbye sun

goodbye moon,
i'm coming to where you are soon.

drove home in monsoonal rain on a packed highway today. didn't die.
had a joint decision to break up with james. that's right, i'm single.
and figured out i haven't stayed at hotel for a long time. let's do it.

brenden's hopefully here at the start of july.
matt's getting here at the start of june, if he can get the time off.
and i'm staying at lewis' on friday night.
i love my boy best friends :3


mhm, pretty much want to make something soon. new dress for sure.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

When there's nothing left to say..

Sydney lost last night! They played a pretty sloppy game of AFL because of the rain and the Brisbane players seemed to be playing rougher than normal.. Mum, Dad and I were sat in the middle of the premium Lions supporters so we got evil looks everytime one of us shouted 'GO YOU SWAANNNIIEEEEESSSS!' ;P The score ended up as 61 - 100 (Swans - Brisbane).. At least we had free tickets haha.
Oh but we ended up with a parking ticket to rub it in because we were parked in a local street, which was silly because the people who had actually parked illegally in shop parks didn't have fines!

Anyway, so today we're off to the Gold Coast hinterlands to 'Finnland'. AKA my Dad's cousins house. It's really nice and big and quite home-y. However, as before-mentioned, I am the only under-18-year-old there and so I shall be quite bored and I really would rather not talk to my relatives hah.

Mum and I had a pretty deep chat last night for about an hour and a half. Mostly about my sister because that's all mum seems to want to talk about lately because she's heaps worried and such, but I tried to switch the conversation around to be about me because I'm over having my own problems hah. Nothing much came from it and my suggestion of us travelling somewhere during the year was once again pushed away with the concern of my school work and she really couldn't care what everyone else is doing (Spain, Italy, Paris, Sydney etc) because of her reason of 'well aren't they just lucky'. I'm not going to get synical.

^smiiiiiiiiile, it's easter :3

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Appreciation and the Bomb

Hello holidays,
Thus far, on my second day I have felt as though I am second priority to all.
I was sooo thankful to get out of school on Thursday. Made it home by about 4.20pm and proceeded to make an attempt at cleaning my room then watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I got off Maddie at school. Russell Brand is damn fine in that movie ;D !
Yesterday I watched 5 movies. FIVE.
The Pacifier, The Perfect Man, Undiscovered, House Bunny and Wild Child.
Although the movies aren't like, amazing, it was pretty nice to just take time to chill out.
Bree came over around 8pm and we made cupcakes with green icing and 100s/1000s.
Oh and House Bunny + Wild Child were watched with Bree :)
We decided that she can have Tyson Ritter (lead singer of The All-American Rejects) and I can have Jon Hume (lead singer of Evermore) ;D
So today I was awoken by Victoria making noise in the kitchen at 9am which also woke Bree up (we were sleeping in the lounge). Wasn't too happy about that. Really wasn't actually.
Anyway, Bree left around 11am, Victoria went out around 1.30pm and I've been stuck at home alone. Sucked a lot considering I actually had productive plans made for today. Mum was supposed to drive me to the gym and let me go there for 2 hours and then I was meant to be driving to the Gabba tonight but alas, mum and dad have messed these ups and left me thinking what did I do. Seriously, their consolation is me driving to the coast tomorrow where I shall be bored (when I say coast I mean the Gold Coast hinterland), alone and restless. Ok, so I won't be alone but once again I am going to the be the only one there under the age of 18 and I know I won't be wanting to chat to any of the family there.

Anyway, tonight I'm off to the Gabba to watch the Brisbane Lions (boooooo) VS. the Sydney Swans (yayyyyyy). I'm wearing my dads Swans jersey, black shorts, black tights and boots with a black blazer jacket. We're seated in the Lions fans area which will pretty much suck but oh well. Heyy heyy miserableeeeeeee.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thursday, April 2, 2009


comparisons are easily done, once you've had a taste of perfection.


are foreverrrrr~