Saturday, April 11, 2009

Appreciation and the Bomb

Hello holidays,
Thus far, on my second day I have felt as though I am second priority to all.
I was sooo thankful to get out of school on Thursday. Made it home by about 4.20pm and proceeded to make an attempt at cleaning my room then watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I got off Maddie at school. Russell Brand is damn fine in that movie ;D !
Yesterday I watched 5 movies. FIVE.
The Pacifier, The Perfect Man, Undiscovered, House Bunny and Wild Child.
Although the movies aren't like, amazing, it was pretty nice to just take time to chill out.
Bree came over around 8pm and we made cupcakes with green icing and 100s/1000s.
Oh and House Bunny + Wild Child were watched with Bree :)
We decided that she can have Tyson Ritter (lead singer of The All-American Rejects) and I can have Jon Hume (lead singer of Evermore) ;D
So today I was awoken by Victoria making noise in the kitchen at 9am which also woke Bree up (we were sleeping in the lounge). Wasn't too happy about that. Really wasn't actually.
Anyway, Bree left around 11am, Victoria went out around 1.30pm and I've been stuck at home alone. Sucked a lot considering I actually had productive plans made for today. Mum was supposed to drive me to the gym and let me go there for 2 hours and then I was meant to be driving to the Gabba tonight but alas, mum and dad have messed these ups and left me thinking what did I do. Seriously, their consolation is me driving to the coast tomorrow where I shall be bored (when I say coast I mean the Gold Coast hinterland), alone and restless. Ok, so I won't be alone but once again I am going to the be the only one there under the age of 18 and I know I won't be wanting to chat to any of the family there.

Anyway, tonight I'm off to the Gabba to watch the Brisbane Lions (boooooo) VS. the Sydney Swans (yayyyyyy). I'm wearing my dads Swans jersey, black shorts, black tights and boots with a black blazer jacket. We're seated in the Lions fans area which will pretty much suck but oh well. Heyy heyy miserableeeeeeee.

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