Tuesday, April 21, 2009

heaps exciting news

I'm back at school, blah blah blah..

Not exciting in the slightest right!
WRONG! The exciting news is that mine and Bree's accessory line 'Soda Rose' is going to be sold at the Adelaide store known as 'We Are Godzilla' (on Waymouth Street). I have to finish making the items tonight and hopefully get around to sending them on Thursday night :)
I've already made four diamonds (pink, purple, blue and green) and am about to start making a few mario mushrooms. It's fair exciting because this is like, proper industry stuff! Thank you Dave, love you man.

Also, there's been an email sent out to the people at my school (ok, so it's mostly aimed at music students but fuck them haha) about doing work experience at Kid Rock Productions which would help me learn about event management and how to book shows and such! I'm thinking of applying for it, but I'm holding back because I'm still not sure what I want to do once I'm finished with school! Eeeep! :S

The rest of the holidays were fair good, spent Friday with Elisha and Nat and saw 17Again. Saturday and Sunday I cleaned my room (it looks really good haha) and Sunday afternoon/evening Bree came over and we posted some new items on the 'Soda Rose' myspace page. Here are a few of the new designs:


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