Sunday, April 12, 2009

When there's nothing left to say..

Sydney lost last night! They played a pretty sloppy game of AFL because of the rain and the Brisbane players seemed to be playing rougher than normal.. Mum, Dad and I were sat in the middle of the premium Lions supporters so we got evil looks everytime one of us shouted 'GO YOU SWAANNNIIEEEEESSSS!' ;P The score ended up as 61 - 100 (Swans - Brisbane).. At least we had free tickets haha.
Oh but we ended up with a parking ticket to rub it in because we were parked in a local street, which was silly because the people who had actually parked illegally in shop parks didn't have fines!

Anyway, so today we're off to the Gold Coast hinterlands to 'Finnland'. AKA my Dad's cousins house. It's really nice and big and quite home-y. However, as before-mentioned, I am the only under-18-year-old there and so I shall be quite bored and I really would rather not talk to my relatives hah.

Mum and I had a pretty deep chat last night for about an hour and a half. Mostly about my sister because that's all mum seems to want to talk about lately because she's heaps worried and such, but I tried to switch the conversation around to be about me because I'm over having my own problems hah. Nothing much came from it and my suggestion of us travelling somewhere during the year was once again pushed away with the concern of my school work and she really couldn't care what everyone else is doing (Spain, Italy, Paris, Sydney etc) because of her reason of 'well aren't they just lucky'. I'm not going to get synical.

^smiiiiiiiiile, it's easter :3

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