Sunday, April 26, 2009

thursday car crash

so i haven't quite been open since thursday. the day of the crash. let's just say i am so glad that mum was driving and i wasn't otherwise we probably would have been physically injured.
here's how it went;

thursday after school i met up with mum at indooroopilly in the hopes of finding some killer cowboy boots. we'd decided not to get the ones from payless as they were $75.00 and not even leather, so we were searching for something of quality. we found some at wittner but came to the conclusion that we could go to the city sometime next week (well, this week now).

so we decided to leave around 7pm, i argued a little to be the driver but mum wanted to go pick up a chicken (blerrgghhh) from red rooster and reminded me of the last time i went through a drive through the douche at the window dropped the money and i got fair annoyed haha.

anyway, so after that we were on our way home along oxley road and just chatting when all of a sudden the 4WD driving in front of decided to veer to the right in hopes to cross the road which also made the 4WD slow down and so mum had to swerve it. i looked to our right (sort of like in a dirty-look way to be like ughh stupid 4WD) and as it turned a red car in the on-going lane hit it dead on the centre and came spinning out our car.

thankfully mum swerved it otherwise we would have been in the accident as well and more than likely hit a telephone.

so uhm, yeh been pretty stressed out with it but calming down. i couldn't stop crying all of thursday night even though i was safe.

to see the crash was bad enough but to have the red car almost hit us on the rebound was even worse. the red car looked like it would be written off and the 4WD had a pretty bad dint in the side.

on friday i went to school thinking it would take my mind off of it but it really didn't help. sorry to the people i was ignorant and blunt to. after my dad picked me up from school at midday we managed to drive past another crash scene and to make things worse my dad decided to drive me past the place that mum and i almost had the crash at so he could see it himself. there were marks on the road and it was quite frightening.

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Chiara said...

Wow yeah I can see how that could be very frightening!