Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Halal Gelatine

So basically this post is a big fuck you to the people who use the halal method of killing animals, and secondly a big fuck you to the people who decided that gelatine was humane. Thirdly I'd like to say, if you eat this stuff you are horrible.

The reason why I'm bringing this up is because mum bought me some really nice yogurts from Coles this evening, known as Fruche 'layers'. Elisha was raving about them and they looked quite nice so we went and bought some. Once mum and I got home I thought I'd have one before dinner. So we were sitting outside and she was like so what's in it.. and devastated, I found that it had halal gelatine in it.

What's the deal?
Ok firstly, gelatine is basically a processed and refined animal protein, derived from bones, hides and collagenous connective tissues. So basically all the parts of an animal that you'd rather not eat. I mean, you shouldn't be eating meat in the first place (vegetarianism ftw), but honestly this stuff isn't healthy and definately should be un-appealing if you hadn't previously known what it was.
Halal is when an animal is killed by slicing the throat and particularly the jugular veins and carodtid arteries of both sides but leaving the spinal cord intact. This method is a means of suffering for the animals as it can be up to two minutes until a cow bleeds to death.



3OH!3 tour.
not 18+, unlike katy perry.
life is good.


dressing up a cowboy tomorrow
breakfasting in the city with elisha
then arting with elisha
then citying with elisha
then work without elisha.

i need to:
print photographs (for art purposes)
buy silver shoes (on sale!)
buy a new nose stud (sick of my clear one, it's tightened up the piercing hole)


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


brenden's here in august :D

yeh, needs a blog for itself!


So I've been thinking about formal (too much) a fair bit lately..
Still yet to find a dress, but i think i've got my three pictures for how i'm going to have my hair styled. Pretty sure i'll be calling Stacey tomorrow, Friday or Saturday to book my appointment/s!
^ NaturalAttraction from DeviantArt
I like the use of straight and wavy hair, that way if you can't make decisions (like myself) you don't have to make your mind up!
Really love the loose curls too.
^ TaylorParks from DeviantArt
I actually found this image when I was searching for 'Prom' so this is definately sweet.
Not too sure if I want the curls to be that big, but we'll see what Stacey says.
- This girl looks like Nicole Richie though, yeh!?
^alrightfliss from DeviantArt
So this is probably what my hair will look like after :3

So maybe let me know what you think via comments, in person, etc.
& Yes, I will probably be getting extensions so that the curls look proper long.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


pretentious posting effects self esteem.
lesson learnt.

jake let me know that he fractured his ankle.. thankfully it's not broken.
he still has to wear a cast though, pretty dorky but oh wellllll.

i would stay and ramble on for a bit.. but mum rented out 'yes man'
so ima go watch that now :)

new stuff up on soda rose!

Monday, May 25, 2009

soooo sick of

being a size 11! :(
it sucks soo bad.
then dad was like well you have big bones, hence why you're tall.
doesn't mean i want to be like that..
and my stupid bmi decides to tell me i'm like 23.1,
seriously going to alter that.
oh gosh and now i'm going on about weight, how pretentious.

i've decided that no matter what, i have to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week (basing the middle session on cardio only) as well as doing like 50 sit-ups (+) at home.. so peeved that dad sold the boxing bag on ebay when he had some obsession with ebay.

everyone should go but the new 'the audition' album by the way.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


so mum and i made our first attempt at formal dress shopping today. we went to one shop (network 2- i think that's what it's called). they didn't have anything that really went WOAHH but there was a light grey one that the lady said looked great with my 'peaches & cream' complexion.
yerrr just say it, moon tan ;)
unfortunately it was too tight around my booobz :(

tomorrow we're hopefully going to go to mesmerize and hills in hollywood at forest lake for a quick look. mum's not interested in buying just yet.. i'm actual really keen for the whole thing to be over.. the school hasn't even released the official date so it's impossible for me to find someone to go with.. and organize with work when i'm getting my hair done!

anyway, i'm off to bed seeing as my home phone died when i dropped it whilst talking to jake. it didn't like, actual die, but the battery ran out or something.. stupid cheap phone, it's like from aldi or something. omg, i totally want a private line hey, like in the classic teen movies! well, i'm thinking clueless style anyway haha.. oh and that um, ginger show or whatever from nickelodeon back in the day!

well, sleep calls x

Friday, May 22, 2009

it's a bit frustrating

i hate being jealous :'(
it's my least favourite quality.

really hoping to go formal shopping with mum tomorrow.
and i've really got to figure out who i'm actually going with.
and the school needs to hurry up and give us the actual date!! ><

Thursday, May 21, 2009

douse yourself

katy perry is to me
like miranda kerr is to elisha.

highs & lows

high: katy perry's coming to brisbane/australia
major low: her brisbane show is 18+

a) borrow someones id for the brisbane show
b) go to the aa in sydney

oh mah gawwwdddd.
part of me died when i found out it was 18+

exhale & breathe

i'm a mess of insecurities.
new stuff for soda rose.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


hating myself.
what the hell.


it's been raining non-stop for probably 8 hours now.. no flooding here apparently. i wish the trains would stop so i wouldn't have to go to school. really not in the mood for it, although apparently i need to be more positive. maybe the teachers should just have another strike day, that would solve a lot. then i could see jake again. we should have snow, so then we can have snow days and have our doors snowed under so we can't leave the house.. although i know mum would find a way to make me go to school i'm sure. bring the floooooooodz (hxc growl/scream).

love's not a competition, but i'm winning.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

automatic eyes

today was pretty good,
spent the day in jakes bed.
we fell asleep and then realised it was like 3:15.
i made him walk me to the village, which was like 20 minutes away..
he pretty much complained all the way because apparently he thought i was going to catch a bus back, if he had known he would have taken his bike + ipod haha. i can't wait to see him ride. ooooh and i totally convinced him to buy a pair of skinnys; it was either that or get a lip piercing hehe.
oh life :)

re-sent some mushrooms + bows (soda rose) to we are godzilla, hopefully they get to them; the others that i sent haven't arrived even though it's been like 2 freakin' weeks.. i hope the package gets back to me at least! darn australian post.

Monday, May 18, 2009

sunday post

soooo hey! :)
i've totally neglected this blog, not much reason.. just haven't had too much inspiration i suppose. so infact, i'm not even sure why i'm posting now! for those of you who were slightly concerned about me after the car crash, things are pretty much back on track. pretty much.
i've been a little moody lately, and quite tired. it's getting to one of those stages where i sleep, dream, wake up, and not know what i'm doing.. like i can't tell the difference between either states anymore. although, obviously the more elongated part is where i'm existing.

today i watched three movies, did a little work on my cas, and cleaned my room.
oh and i made elisha and rachel's orders from soda rose.. although i couldn't quite get rachel's banana to look like a banana so (sorry rach) she won't be getting it.. ><
i was way too lazy to put the chain on so uhhh, they'll get their orders on wednesday ;)

on thursday night bree drove me to indro to see the jonas brothers 3D concert/movie with her.. not that great haha, but joe jonas was sporting a cop uniform for a snippet, and it was amazing. :D:D:D:D
other than that, the cinema had about 25 people there, most of which were a bunch of 17 year old girls screaming their faces off. congrats, the jonas brothers cannot hear you telling them to 'take it off' from your seat.. let alone in the cinema!! bree seemed to have fun, which was good :) then we went to hungry jacks (omnomnom, nat would know what i mean when i say that meatless whoppers are wonderful).

i missed out on watching hatching pete last night on disney channel, hopefully there'll be a replay soon.. jason dolley is amazing ;D
well, here's to another fairly busy week- minus tuesday, yay for the teachers strike!
jake's going to come over that day; just hoping mum gets better and doesnt have the day off from work, that could get a little awkward haha.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

these wounds are

self-inflicted, one more thing- i'm addicted to you.

katy perry is so darn stunning! not fair ):

Sunday, May 10, 2009


so things have been busy in my little world.
things are ok.

boy time yesterday :)
jake is lovely (minus not walking me to nickis! haha)
we spent the afternoon in forest lake..
in the college haha
just talking
and maybe doing something else :3
it was really nice, although it got cold once the sun started to set
nawww sunset w/ jakeyy (L)

nicki + elisha + nicki's mum came and picked me up haha
and nicki's mum fed me :)
but then i left hers at 8pm
i wish i could have stayed longerrr!
nicki's cats are theeee best!!

i went home and fell asleep around 9pm, listening to my sleep playlist
high above the skyline - luke dalton (have you heard vol 5)
never think - robert pattinson (twilight soundtrack)
you belong to me - jason wade (shrek soundtrack)
new american classic - taking back sunday (where you want to be)
the black tree - stu larson (have you heard vol 4)

plans from now on are to go to the gym tuesdays, thursdays and sundays on the condition that i don't have any homework etc due the next day or something big due in the week.

oh, i went to the career expo at the convention centre on friday afternoon,
i think i want to go to the jmc academy for music & entertainment business management!
they have an open day on the 30th of may and mum already said that's fine :)
otherwise, i was thinking perhaps the photography course at griffith..
or becoming an airhostess with the aviation academy (or something like that)
~ mum seems to think that she has a good feeling about the jmc course :3

happy mothers day :)
we're not really doing that much, hopefully we'll go for a drive later though!
au revoir.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Waste A Moment

I'm not asking for much,
I'm not asking for anything.

I'm alone and self-anaemic,
But sometimes you wake up,
If I could hold this hope inside my hands,
You'd understand they let us down.

I'm not asking for much,
I'm not asking for anything.

I won't waste a moment,
I won't waste a moment with fear.

We're alone or self-anaemic,
But sometimes we win,

I'm not asking for much,
I'm not asking for anything.

I won't waste a moment,
I won't waste a moment.

I could run,
I could run,
I could run,
I could run,
Let me go.

Just cover up your eyes,
So I can make sense of it all,
Waking me up,
Just shut your eyes,
So I can make sense of it all.