Tuesday, May 19, 2009

automatic eyes

today was pretty good,
spent the day in jakes bed.
we fell asleep and then realised it was like 3:15.
i made him walk me to the village, which was like 20 minutes away..
he pretty much complained all the way because apparently he thought i was going to catch a bus back, if he had known he would have taken his bike + ipod haha. i can't wait to see him ride. ooooh and i totally convinced him to buy a pair of skinnys; it was either that or get a lip piercing hehe.
oh life :)

re-sent some mushrooms + bows (soda rose) to we are godzilla, hopefully they get to them; the others that i sent haven't arrived even though it's been like 2 freakin' weeks.. i hope the package gets back to me at least! darn australian post.

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