Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I've been thinking about formal (too much) a fair bit lately..
Still yet to find a dress, but i think i've got my three pictures for how i'm going to have my hair styled. Pretty sure i'll be calling Stacey tomorrow, Friday or Saturday to book my appointment/s!
^ NaturalAttraction from DeviantArt
I like the use of straight and wavy hair, that way if you can't make decisions (like myself) you don't have to make your mind up!
Really love the loose curls too.
^ TaylorParks from DeviantArt
I actually found this image when I was searching for 'Prom' so this is definately sweet.
Not too sure if I want the curls to be that big, but we'll see what Stacey says.
- This girl looks like Nicole Richie though, yeh!?
^alrightfliss from DeviantArt
So this is probably what my hair will look like after :3

So maybe let me know what you think via comments, in person, etc.
& Yes, I will probably be getting extensions so that the curls look proper long.


bec said...

i love the first one
i have a pic just like it that im giving my hairdresser for my formal :)

amy colla said...

oh formals, it's all anyone talks about now, the downside of being on the formal committee haha.
but totally loving the curls, if only my curler worked as so!
^_^ been looking at your soda rose gear, all so cute