Saturday, May 23, 2009


so mum and i made our first attempt at formal dress shopping today. we went to one shop (network 2- i think that's what it's called). they didn't have anything that really went WOAHH but there was a light grey one that the lady said looked great with my 'peaches & cream' complexion.
yerrr just say it, moon tan ;)
unfortunately it was too tight around my booobz :(

tomorrow we're hopefully going to go to mesmerize and hills in hollywood at forest lake for a quick look. mum's not interested in buying just yet.. i'm actual really keen for the whole thing to be over.. the school hasn't even released the official date so it's impossible for me to find someone to go with.. and organize with work when i'm getting my hair done!

anyway, i'm off to bed seeing as my home phone died when i dropped it whilst talking to jake. it didn't like, actual die, but the battery ran out or something.. stupid cheap phone, it's like from aldi or something. omg, i totally want a private line hey, like in the classic teen movies! well, i'm thinking clueless style anyway haha.. oh and that um, ginger show or whatever from nickelodeon back in the day!

well, sleep calls x

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